Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Elecom TK-PBLO42BK: Wireless projection keyboard for your computer, iOS or Android device

We have seen all sorts of keyboards on the market, and if you’re looking for a different type of keyboard for your PC, today we might have the perfect keyboard for you. Wireless projection keyboards aren’t new, and if you’re looking for a wireless projection keyboard, you might be interested in the latest model that comes from Elecom. Elecom TK-PBL042BK is a wireless projection keyboard that projects red light on any flat surface, and thanks to the special technology that tracks your finger movement, it can determine which key is pressed. This keyboard is compatible with iOS or Android devices thanks to the Bluetooth connection, but you can also use this keyboard with your PC via USB port or via Bluetooth. This keyboard supports up to 350 words per minute, it comes with three levels of brightness, and there is also a “mouse mode” that allows you to use your keyboard as a trackpad simply by moving your finger over the projected keyboard.


The name is slightly misleading, as the device does not actually have any keys, nor even a board, requiring instead just a flat surface on which an infrared ‘keyboard’ can be projected. Elecom’s device itself is a rectangular gadget that connects to Android or iOS mobile devices via Bluetooth. It can also connect to a PC or laptop through Bluetooth or USB (it also charges its battery when connected by USB), but this capability is seemingly redundant, considering the availability of an actual physical keyboard. The device works by triangulating the position of your fingers while you type, and “sensing” what “key” is being “pressed”. 

             The Elecom TK-PBLO42BK is extremely portable, measuring 38.0 x 29.0 x 75.0 mm and weighing 77 grams (without a battery). The projected keyboard itself requires far less space than a standard PC keyboard. It has a standard key length of 19mm and can handle up to 350 words per minute, which is more than enough, considering the average 50 words/minute typing speed. This new version also comes with ‘mouse mode’, although “trackpad mode” would’ve been more  appropriate. In mouse mode, the device projects a trackapd, an area over which you can move your finger just like you’d do with a normal laptop trackpad. The brightness of the projection can also be adjusted on three levels, which comes handy when you want to save energy. It Will Cost You Around US$ 212