Friday, 21 September 2012

LightWedge Reading Light

The LightWedge Original LED book light is a revolutionary book light that illuminates only the page you are reading, with no stray light escaping to bother anyone else. Just place it on the book and read - the darker your environment the better! The LightWedge Original LED book light is designed for hardcover and trade paperback books. The LightWedge® Paperback is the smaller version of our revolutionary new book light for nighttime reading, measuring 7.25"x5.25"x.5. The patented LightWedge technology puts all the light only on the page you are reading, with no light escaping to bother someone trying to sleep next to you. The Paperback LightWedge is sized to fit mass market paperback books. Whether reading in bed, reading on a plane, or reading in a car, this paperback book light is the perfect accessory for all readers and travelers.

 The LightWedge LED Book Light enables nighttime reading without disturbing anyone else in the bed, room, or airplane. The LED lights skim along the surface of the page-sized acrylic lens providing illumination for just the pages of your book. The lightweight and compact design of the LightWedge Reading Light make it the perfect gift for travelers.

Expect 40 hours of battery life from each set of four AAA batteries (not included). Available in two sizes: paperback and hardback. Soft, zippered carrying cases also available for each style of LightWedge. It Will Cost You Around US$ 35

 LightWedge Reading Light Key Specification

  • Elegant, simple design. Thin and lightweight, easy to handle and pack. Only 8.5 oz. with batteries.
  • Eye-friendly LED illumination. No bulbs to burn out in the middle of a great story. Ever.
  • 40 hours of light on four AAA batteries. That's like 7 coast-to-coast flights. (batteries not included).
  • Distortion-free optical-grade acrylic lens reflects LED edge light onto the page, not into your eyes.It only looks like magic.
  • One-touch operation, two brightness levels: cool and really cool. 6 3/4" x 9 1/4" size fits any book.