Sunday, 16 September 2012

New iPod Nano, Touch and “EarPods” revealed!

Apple has revealed the latest iteration of the iPod Nano, which comes with the new lightning corrector. It’s 5.4mm thin, which is a third thinner than the previous generation. It is lighter, thinner and with a widescreen multi touch display of 2.5 inches with 432×240 pixels resolution. There are some new features added to jazz up the nano. Apple says – "it’s the same Soul, just a new body. The size well, can be compared with a credit card, its 5.4 mm thin. The touch screen area has been increased for better viewability when watching videos, TV shows and video podcasts"

               The two new features added to the Apple ipod are the built in FM radio. Now enjoy live music on the go with the FM radio. The radio feature also comes with live pause wherein you can ‘pause’ the radio for up to 15 minutes and just tap to continue from where you left or just fast forward for live broadcast. Another feature is the Bluetooth 4.0, you can get wireless with any Bluetooth enabled headphones, speakers and in-car BT enabled audio systems.

 Apple has also released new head phones called EarPods! The shape is “defined by the geometry of your ear” but doesn’t create a seal. There’s a port in back for midtones, a port in the stem and a port that points to your ears. It’s to “maximize airflow”. They have been made to sound great and stay comfortably in place. It’s a completely new breakthrough design they termed it as the EarPods. The Apple iPod is basically for hearing music but you can watch movies, photos and also works as a perfect workout partner. For Rs. 12,500 with 16GB memory.

 Apple iPod Nano key features and Specifications

  • 16GB internal storage capacity.
  • 2.5 inch multi touchscreen with 432×240 pixels resolution (202 ppi).
  • External buttons: On/Off / Sleep/Wake, Volume rockers, play/ pause.
  • Media supported AAC, MP3, VBR, HE-AAC, WAV, AAX and some more audio formats plus H.264, MP4, MOV, M4V video formats.
  • FM radio with live pause.
  • Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer sensor and earpods
  • Battery Li-ion that gets fully charged in 3 hours -  fast charge of up to 80% in just 1.5 hours. The video playback is 3.5 hours and music playback is up to 30 hours.
  • Price Rs. 12,500. Hitting Store In october.