Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4 to Launch in February in 2013

Samsung and Apple are fierce rivals for the leadership in smart phone. The degree got hotter when the US based company launched iPhone 5 last week in response to Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2. iPhone 5 received a mixed response from its consumers and industry experts as the device lacked innovative features. But still iPhone 5 is a better smart phone launched in competition with Galaxy S III. Presently the Samsung is the #1 manufacturer leaving behind Apple and Nokia in the race. For Samsung to be king, it required their devices like Galaxy S, S II and S III released on time to compete in market. The Samsung Galaxy S III broke the record very recently by crossing 20 million unit sales in course of 100 days since the launch beating iPhone record. 

Samsung Electronics is planning to launch iPhone 5 killer in coming months and device should be definitely Galaxy S 4 as expected. But as we say, it could easily take another 6 months for the Korean giant to produce a device which is competitive & better in terms of hardware design and configuration. 

Samsung is ready to launch Galaxy S4 during the world’s biggest exhibition for telecom and mobile companies to exhibit their latest development and we receive reports of Galaxy S III successor to be available at Samsung booth. The officials pointed out that their new flagship model will be released in nine months after the May 2012 debut of Samsung Galaxy S III. It will be more enough to curb the latest Apple iPhone development and device should be easily capable with the LTE Network

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications

  •  The Korean giant is still to decide on what could be the exact Galaxy S 4 device looks like, whether it will include the flexible display technology or use the Super AMOLED Plus display. So far its design is kept the same with rounded corner concept but we might see some changes claimed by one of the Samsung’s local officials.   
  •  We see Samsung Galaxy S 4 certainly with better specifications and inclusion of quad core Xenos processor and better hardware configuration but nothing were released at this moment as it’s too early to comment on the device.