Sunday, 16 September 2012

Spice Mi-425 gets the ICS Android 4.0 Update

Good News For The Owners Of Spice Mi-425. Now they can now upgrade to Android 4.0 (ICS). The Spice website had already mentioned that the Spice Stellar Mi-425 handset will get the ICS update and now here it is. The ICS version will be available only from the Spice service centers. For now there are no OTA (Over the Air) updates available, so users will need to visit the nearest Spice service center and get the upgrade done for free.

Users can find the nearest service center using the URL. It is quite disappointing to know that the OTA updates are not available which is easier for many users. We believe Spice kept that option out as the OTA ICS update could lead to many issues and would be best if the customers get the update done from the service center.

REMEMBER: Now before you head on to the nearest center to spice up your Stellar Mi-425 with ICS, don’t forget to take a backup.

Why you should upgrade to Android 4.0 ?

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