Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Xiaomi Mi 2, A Tough competitor For The Samsung Galaxy S III For Rs 17,000 Only

While we are getting all hyped over the upcoming “super” phones such as A90 from Micromax, A18 from Karbonn, the Chinese are well on their way to launch a phone that rivals the Galaxy S3 from Samsung. And it leaves the Indian phones far behind. Yes it costs almost double of what the Micromax A90 is going to cost but it costs half of what Galaxy S3 is priced at right now.

The specs are literally breathtaking, as the Xiaomi Phone 2 indeed utilizes the rumored quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 chipset, which is so powerful, that it is actually intended for tablet use. The guys didn't stop here, though - they slapped a 720p 4.3" IPS-LCD display for 342ppi pixel density, and added 2GB of RAM to ensure Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with a MIUI overlay is running smooth with many apps loaded in the background. As for wireless, the handset supports 850/1900/2100 MHz UMTS and has a 42Mbps HSPA+ radio, which means T-Mobile is left out of the downloading party should someone import it.

The Xiaomi Phone 2 is powered by a SOC manufactured by Qualcomm Inc. This is the first phone that features the Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 28 nanometer Quad core SOC. This chip code named Krait easily beats other quad core chips such as the Tegra 3 (Nexus 7, HTC One) , Exynos 4412 (Galaxy S3) by a fair margin. The graphics is powered by Adreno 320. Engadget tested a development tablet that scored 132 FPS in GLBenchmark tests. A Galaxy S3 on the other hand topped out at only 99 FPS.

The Adreno 320 graphics chip also adds support for the latest Open GL ES 3.0. Right now, the PowerVR SGX 543MP4 graphics chip that powers Apple iPad 3 is the only one that scores higher than the Adreno 320 in some tests. You can see the benchmarks below. Higher is better

Here is another benchmark that tests the overall performance of the device. Higher is better.

With these Test I Can Say That Xiaomi Mi 2 Is Far Better That Samsung galaxy S III. These tests were done by Anandtech on a test system, which is not optimized or production ready and it still blows all other CPU’s out of the water. Now imagine what it can do in a device that is tested, finalized and ready to be sold to consumers.

 In brief, if other hardware components follow suit and the OS is optimized, the Xiaomi Phone 2 can perform better than the Galaxy S3 at less than half the cost.
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There is a back-illuminated camera sensor on the rear, seemingly the same 5-element lens that is in the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III, but the stock battery seems somewhat wimpy at 2000mAh for all that might. This can be easily remedied, since the company will sell a version of the Xiaomi Phone 2 with 3000mAh juicer that will add 2mm to the thickness of the device, not exactly a dealbreaker, although it will bring the device to 12mm, which is on the chubby side these days. The slim 3.9mm side bezel is also touted in the slideshow below, comparing it as the thinnest from the flagships on the market.

 The whole premise is that this compelling components package comes in an affordable manner, and the $310 price equivalent certainly puts the big guys Samsung and Apple flagship smartphone pricing to shame. Such price tag certainly won't allow the Xiaomi team buy yachts and Hampton mansions any time soon, but is likely to make them heroes in the eyes of their Chinese customers, and that smartphone market will be the largest in the world for the foreseeable future. Availability for the device is slated for October, and by that time it might be battling S4 Pro phones from more established smartphone makers, which, however, are likely to be much more expensive.

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