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Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 By Logitech

If you use a wireless keyboard, you know pairing with different devices and hunting down batteries can be the bane of one's tech existence. As a remedy, Logitech offers the K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard. It never needs batteries, and it quickly switches between Mac and iOS devices. The Apple Keyboard is beautifully designed
Logitech calls its Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 an innovation in typing technology, and after using our evaluation model for a week, we certainly agree. The dual solar panels mounted on top of the superthin keyboard require zero user effort to keep the device charged and ready to type, while the accompanying Solar App desktop software shows precisely how much battery life is left. We're very much in favor of the Logitech K750, especially when partnered with Logitech's convenient Unifying Receiver, which lets you connect multiple Logitech input devices to a single USB plug.

Logitech mimicked the aesthetic of Apple's wireless keyboard with a silver and white color scheme. But the Logitech's incline isn't quite as steep, the keys have a deeper dimple, plastic replaces aluminum, and there's a giant solar strip across the top. The standout features on the K750 are obviously the dual solar panels that sit on either side of the logo branding on top of the keys. The panels power the integrated ML2032 lithium manganese button-cell rechargeable battery that then pushes power to the keyboard.

That's standard battery technology, but the solar panels can also draw perpetual power from artificial light sources--in other words, you don't have to raise the keyboard to the sun for it to work; the fluorescent bulbs above you will charge it just fine. Logitech claims that a single 2-hour charge will retain power for three months in total darkness, or more if you remember to flip the on/off switch when you step away.

Finally, on the small chance that the battery fails, you can replace it with a standard ML2032 battery, available from Logitech's parts store.

Just above the 10-key pad, you'll find a small "check light" key that indicates the remaining battery life using basic icons that everyone should understand: a green smiley-face lights up if you're powered up, and a red frown lets you know your light source is currently drawing less than 50 lux.

The Review Of Keyboard By Logitect

The K750 uses Logitech's PerfectStroke key design that adds exactly 3.2mm of space between each key and uniform tactile feedback across the entire concave key surface. In practice, the key response is similar to that of an IBM ThinkPad laptop, so if you're used to typing on a regular keyboard, the K750 will be an acquired taste. Your accuracy might suffer in the interim, but we actually found ourselves typing faster after less than a week of using it.

With the exception of a glossy black chassis that reveals fingerprints and scratches, we can find little to complain about in Logitech's K750 solar keyboard. Logitech has made it painless to reduce your energy consumption, and the key architecture and typing experience are unmatched in the competition. You Can Buy it For Spending 80$.

You Can Buy This Device From Here - Logitech K750

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