Friday, 10 May 2013

Nokia Asha 501 Launched With New 'Fastlane' UI & Claims 48 Days Battery Life All For $99

Refreshing it’s low-cost Asha series of feature phones, Nokia has announced the Asha 501 at at event in New Delhi. The latest offering from the Finnish smartphone-maker is a bid by the company to challenge the low-end Android smartphones in emerging markets like India.  As the name suggests, the Asha series is actually a phone inspired by India and one of the key elements in Nokia's plans to connect the next billion. If the base of Indian internet users grows drastically in the next few years it will be because of affordable, connected devices like the Nokia Asha or the Samsung Rex, not smartphones, however cheaper they might become. Why Lets Find Out.....

Nokia Asha phones pack in a lot of features you will find on a smartphones - be it Internet connectivity, apps, games or entertainment. Along with the smartphones, they are helping telecom operators grow their revenues from data. The Asha series has already sold over 20 million phones, and also clocked over a billion downloads from the Nokia Ovi store.

The 501 introduces major improvements and is designed to compete with low cost smartphones and match smartphones in features . First is the design which borrows from Nokia's unibody design (made from one piece of polycarbonate plastic) on the Lumia handsets. The unibody design of the 501 has a single seam between cover and the front. This reduces the amount of dust that can get into the phone. The speaker is placed under the cover latch, killing two birds with one stone - the latch to pop the cover and providing an opening for the speaker

The body of the 501 is also curved, hence it does not muffle the speaker sound when placed on a flat surface. The phones come in a choice of six colours ranging from traditional black and white to flashy yellow, green, blue and red. The covers can be interchanged, though the cover latch and three buttons on the side - volume up, volume down and power/lock maintain the phone's original colour.

Upfront, the Nokia Asha 501 gets a 3-inch screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA). Though Nokia didn’t mention the amount of internal storage on the phone, but said that the Nokia Asha 501 ships with a 4GB micro-SD card in the box, while the users can expand the storage by up to 32GB. The new feature phone gets a 3.2 megapixel camera at the back, but sadly, there’s no LED flash or a front camera on the Nokia Asha 501. 

Talking of the OS, the refreshed design comes with a dual homescreen view, one of which is the conventional app screen, giving you access to the applications on the device, while the other homescreen, which Nokia calls as the Fastlane, allows the user to view their recently used functions, like contacts, social networks, etc. 

Another improvement is in the dual SIM management feature, which presents usage information for calls, SMS and data separately for both SIMS. The phone can be configured to warn the user when data usage reaches a certain limit. One of the SIMs can be changed without restarting the phone, though it does require the cover to be removed, but not the battery. The memory card can also be changed without removing the battery. The 501 comes with a 4 Gb memory card.

While the 501 has WiFi and bluetooth connectivity, it does lack 3G. This however leads to the phone having a 48 hour battery life. 2 phones can be touched together to exchange files, with no configuration. The phone also provides FM radio. The Price Has Been put By Nokia Is Very Attractive Only $99 ( Rs 5,400) Including Tax, Thats a Good Buy For The Buyer.

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