Sunday, 26 May 2013

Vintage Apple -1 Is the Most Expensive Computer Sold in Germany For $6,71,400

Today We Will Introduce to you To the Most Expensive Computer Ever Which Will Surely Not Consist Of The technology Of Our Age But Yet Set the Record Of Sale For $6,71,400 ( Rs 3,35,70,000 ). Its The Only One and Only Apple - 1 made in 1976 which has been termed as the ‘Holy grail of collectable technology’ by author Bob Luther, was built by Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in Jobs’ parents’ garage.
That surpassed the $640,000 record for an Apple-1, set in November at a sale at the same auction house in Cologne, Germany, Auction Team Breker. The fall 2012 sale was a sharp rise from the previous record price for an Apple-1 of $374,500, set in June 2012 at Sotheby's in New York.

Not much is known about the purchaser except that he/she is "a wealthy entrepreneur from the Far East" and was a Asian person according to the New York Times. I'll bet you wish you had that much cash to throw down on a seriously antiquated piece of hardware. And though it might be a bit of an increase over the machines initial $666.66 launch-price (some $2,700 in current-day dollars), it's priceless in its own way. But most of us would probably just be better off with an iPad. The high prices paid for the machines seem to be explained by the combination of scarcity, a fascination with the early history of the computer age, and the mystique of Apple and its founders, Steve Jobs and Stephen G. Wozniak

The computer included a motherboard and a variety of chips, and could be used to play simple games or write basic programs. In terms of processing power, it had about 4KB of memory compared to today’s computers that have more than 4 million. 

In an email last week, and a later telephone interview, Breker said the original owner of the Apple-1 on sale was Fred Hatfield, a former major league baseball player in the 1950s, who died in 1998. I included that account in an article published Friday in The New York Times.

There were only 200 Apple 1s ever made, of which 46 have survived the test of time, but only six of those are known to be still in a working condition.

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