Friday, 26 July 2013

New Tata Nano Diesel Spied Testing With New Facelift

Tata Nano, the ‘car for the common man’ did not quite go on to become the common man’s car, it literally bombed at the sales charts. But Tata has been resilient enough and has not let go of the Nano, even though the sales numbers have been nothing short of disappointing. Tata is all set to make a comeback and the Nano will come with a diesel heart and a slight cosmetic facelift to help it make a decent dent in the sales figures of other small cars. Tata Motors recently said that the Nano Diesel is in the last phases of development and should be launched by end of the year. With high interest in the public about this revolutionary small diesel car, this spotting definitely is good news.....

The Tata Nano diesel is expected to become the cheapest diesel car in the country and this vehicle will be the first car with the diesel option in the subcompact hatchback segment in India. The car features a revised front with the front bumper  getting a major overhaul and the same holds true for the rear bumper as well.  The new air-dam in the rear bumper will help keep the engine cooler which is necessary in our country. For Your Convince we have Two Nano at one Pic were you can see Tata Nano Petrol Version and New Tata Nano Diesel Version as Shown Below. You Can Definitely Make Out The Changes Made In Diesel Version.

The Nano Diesel test car was shod with wider section rear tyres which will help it to handle the higher weight of the diesel engine and provide improved stability at speeds. With petrol prices soaring, the demand for diesel cars remains high despite the announcement of incremental increase in the diesel prices. The biggest news, which you will notice if you look closely at the image below, is that the new Nano will get an openable hatch-door with Key Hole in it. So We Hope You Get Some Extra Space For Your Luggage at Rear.

The car will continue to be rear-wheel driven, an 800cc diesel engine with an expected performance figure of around 40 BHP 70-90 NM will power the car. But the USP of the diesel motor will be the fact that it is expected to deliver a mileage of 35-40 kilometres for every litre of fuel you put into it.
There is also expected to be a CNG variant that will use the same 625cc petrol mill but with a dual fuel option. It is believed that the turbocharger for the Nano diesel would be supplied by Garret, one of the world’s leading companies for turbo units. It was from their website that we learnt the Nano diesel could be powered by an 800cc engine producing about 40bhp at 4,000 rpm.

As far as the interiors are concerned, the company will carry forward the ones of the 2013 petrol model of the car to this one. Tata has been extensively testing the car and it will launch sometime later this year or it might just see a launch at the 2014 Auto Expo. Tata Motors have to make sure that they launch the Nano diesel at the right time as well as at the right price point to take advantage of the public interest in this car. 

In a year-on-year comparison the Nano’s sales have dropped a whopping 80 per cent and Tata has had to cut production at their Sanad plant to realign their inventories with current market demand. It could also mean that they want to clear old stock before starting production of the new car. As Far About The Tata Nano Diesel pricing it is Not Easy To Even Guess it Right, But Still We Say That if It Is Priced Between 2 to 3 Lakhs Can be Quite Gettable. Tata Nano not Only Aiming In Diesel But It also Aiming In Nano Electric Car Range Upto 100Km on single Charge. What You Say about Diesel Nano ? Share Your Though in Comment Section.

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