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Nissan Datsun reborn with Low-cost ‘Go’ Model Hatchback Car For Less Than Rs 4 Lakhs

Nissan has re-launched the Datsun brand after 32 years. The Japanese company has made the global brand re-launch in Gurgaon. Datsun will launch its first car early next year called the Datsun GO (codenamed K2). The Datsun GO is the realization of the commitment made by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in March 2012 to return the Datsun brand to the marketplace. Datsun is the third brand for the Nissan Motor Company along with the company's Nissan and Infiniti brands. Datsun will play an important role in the Nissan Power 88 mid-term business plan. Datsun "Go" Car Designed is same as Nissan....

The company hopes that bringing back the brand that built its US business will fuel growth in emerging markets with a new generation of car buyers. The five-door, front-wheel drive hatchback will come with a 1.2-liter engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission that offers optimal response time and agility in congested traffic.

Datsun ‘Go’ will be powered by a 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder engine, paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The same engine does duty on the Nissan Micra Active, producing 68 PS and 104 Nm. However in the Datsun GO, the company might de-tune the engine in the interest of boosting fuel economy. The Datsun GO takes its name from the first Datsun (Dat GO) which was launched in 1914 in Japan.

The Datsun brand has been launched for emerging markets like India, South Africa, Indonesia and Russia. The company claims the Datsun GO will offer best in class interior room. The Datsun GO will compete with the MarutiSuzuki WagonR and New Hyundai i10 Which is Also Ready To Launch In August. Well The Big Question is Will Datsun Will Be Successful in Making Dent For Maruti Suzuki in Its sales. It can Be if it Priced Between 2.80 to 3.50 Lakhs well time will Tell about This.

With comparatively compact body dimensions (width – 1635mm; height – 1485mm; length– 3785mm), the car is spacious inside thanks to a wide stance and large wheelbase (2450mm), and offers ample headroom and an expanded front seating configuration. It will be a reliable partner for families, providing comfort to five occupants and agility in congested traffic.

The talking point, however, is the interiors, which has a good blend of clever design and practicality. And the interior has also been customised to please Indian car buyers. Two tones of beige for example have been used, many of the buttons on the dash are silvered over and Datsun has even provided a mobile docking station for smart phones

There’s no glovebox however. What you get is a big parcel shelf under the dash and space for full sized bottles in the doorpads. There are also some Nissan bits visible on the inside. The door handles are clearly from the Micra and so are the air con vents. 

The really interesting bit however is up front. With the gear lever and handbrake moved to the dashboard, a lot of space has been freed up between the front seats. Company officials say that this place is for ladies' handbags and odds and ends but by providing a cushion (and back rest) it could tempt owners to squeeze a child in the center, even though there is clearly no middle seat.

Carlos Ghosn (Chairman and CEO) of Nissan Motor Company unveiled the Datsun GO to global media at Kingdom of Dreams (Gurgaon). Nissan is targeting a 10% market share in India by 2016. The company currently has only 1.2% market share and will launch 10 new products by 2016. The Japanese automaker is betting big on Datsun products to boost volumes and believes these low cost cars will offer affordability and quality to customers.

Against an under 2% share of Indian car market now, Nissan is hoping to corner a 10% of overall industry volumes by 2016, half through the Datsun brand. The dashboard does take a few parts from the Micra and there are plenty of storage spaces. The dashboard mounted gear lever gives space for keeping stuff on the bench type front seat. Features will be limited and there will be no rear power window or tachometer. If You Are Wondering Were Is Hand Brake Then take a Close look Between Gear Nob And Steering Wheel Because it Is Placed Between them

“When a customer buys his first new car in countries like India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa, first he dreams about it. To realize the dream, customers need to have access, feel a sense of belonging towards the Brand. Also, as this purchase will represent a significant part of their disposal income, it is important for them to have full trust in the brand and the product. So Dream, Access and Trust are key values for which the Datsun brand stands now," said Vincent Cobee, who leads Datsun.
Two more Datsun cars are expected to join GO in 2014, One Would Be a Sedan Car For Sure Nissan currently enjoys a miniscule 1.37 per cent market share in India. Besides India, the GO is also planned for manufacture in Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. Nissan is targeting to have 60 per cent of its total global sales to come from such emerging markets by 2016.

Nissan has been working on the Datsun project for the past two years. It has utilised its local component suppliers and vendors to control costs as all variants of GO are expected to be priced competitively, under Rs 4-lakh range. 

Take a Close Look Of Datsun Go In Video

Datsun models will be individually developed for different markets, and the GO is the first of several Datsun models that will be launched later in 2014 in Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. Datsun Car 'Go' Looks like designed Same As Nissan Versa. Now It Time For You To Rate datsun a Pick or Drop it, You Can Give Yours Answers And Though In Comment Section. You Can Also read Our Ford Ecosport & Duster Comparison Report.

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