Monday, 25 November 2013

Incoming: Suzuki Showcase its Mini 6 Seater SUV Hustler in the Tokyo Motor Show

As we Know The Maruti Suzuki Topping the Charts in All Sector like Hatchback, MUV  & Sedan But Only Misses the SUV Sector on Which Ford Ecosport is Sitting Safely at the Top. But Now the think Might get Difficult For Ecosport because the Wind For Suzuki is Changing and Recently Suzuki Showcase it Mini Hustler that Can Might Bring Storm & Thunder For Ecosport. But Sad Part is.....

Debuting at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the Suzuki HUSTLER Concept is cute Cope. The HUSTLER comes in two slightly different body styles, one a traditional five-door “crossover” that suits an active lifestyle and the other “a ‘crossover coupe’ that has a beautiful silhouette.” We Wonder Why Suzuki tagged as Crossover ? The Boxy Design will Remind You About Wagon-R But It has Lot More Space in compare To Wagon-R

Suzuki has No Plans To Launch Any SUV in 2014 Not even XA- Alpha which Makes us Sad. Suzuki says HUSTLER combines an exterior that looks like it belongs in the outdoors with a roomy, comfortable, and useful interior, and while the interior part may be true, we’re once again not too sure about the exterior bit. It does have body cladding though.

The less practical but more style-led Coupé is 3395mm long, 1475mm wide and 1630mm high. In keeping with Kei car regulations, it is powered by a 658cc three-cylinder engine linked to a CVT transmission. Suzuki's standard Hustler has the same power unit and transmission, but is 3395mm long, 1475mm wide and 1655mm high. It weighs 790kg; no weight is given for the coupe.

The manufacturer describes both cars as being aimed at active, youthful buyers, although it also stresses the standard Hustler's practicality as transport for young families. As such, the Hustler is also equipped with a grip control function and hill descent control, as well as a relatively raised ride height, to give it a modicum of off-road and low grip surface ability.

The 2-tone orange and white painted Suzuki Hustler is boxy in shape and the company sees its design as a challenge to a new genre of cars. The vehicle has plenty of distinctive styling touches, with a sloping roofline and boxy stance. The car features a comfortable, roomy interior but the downside is that it is not destined for production. Derived from the Hustler, the Hustler coupe will go on sale in Japan. It features a 3-cylinder petrol engine and can be described as a mini-crossover.

Suzuki Hustler Grab our Eyes By Seeing it as a Future Jimmy and as per Seating Positioned its Reminds About Mahindra S101 which also has a 6 Seating Capacity as Gear Knobs Given at the Side of Stearing Wheel. Now as Per Pricing The Boxy Design will Help to Maintain Lower Price, It can Priced Between 5 to 6 Lakhs. It will Launched next Year Exclusively in Japan But as Far India Launched it is Still a Mystery. Do tell us in a Comment Section if You Want Cute Hustler On Indian Roads.

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