Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New Images: Newely Bajaj Pulsar 375 to be Heavily Inspired By Energica EGO, the Fastest Electric Bike

After The Spy Images Of Pulsar 375 has Been Out. Which Consider that Bajaj Auto will soon be launching its first full faired motorcycle, a move which has taken its time but the wait is almost over. Demand for full faired bikes easily outweigh the demand for a half-faired or street-fighter motorcycle. The Launch Of Pulsar 375 is Around The Corner and we Bring You The Exclusive Reports For Pulsar 375 Design and its Power Torque.

The spy images of Bajaj Pulsar 375 are out. The design looks very similar to CRP Energica and Energica EGO. Energica is an Italian electric streetbike maker. The CRP Enegica is capable of reaching a top speed of 220 km/hr and also has a nerve wrecking torque of 160Nm. It is too early to comment on Pulsar 375’s final design but if this is what Bajaj brings then “Pulsarmania” will get a new meaning. Actually What bajaj Designer Has Done is That They Have put Energica CRP and EGO put Together in a Board! There are two Different Bike From Energica Bajaj has Combined Both of them to Bring out The Pulsar 375 Design.

Energica EGO Designed and built by the same people that have designed and engineered racing performance from Formula One Racing to Le Mans 24h for over 40 years. At the heart of this thoroughbred is an all electric motor which produces an astounding 195 Nm torque from 0 RPM to redline, an electronically limited 150 Mph (240 km/h) and a 0 – 100 time of under 3 seconds. All on just pennies worth of energy. This electric superbike made by CRP is equipped with a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets, oil cooled and 100Kw of power and torque of 195Nm from 0 rpm to 4700 rpm.Top speed is 240 Km/h.

Energica EGO is equipped with Vehicle Control Unit and an innovative multi-map system for energy management. It is the “brain” of our electric motorbike. The VCU is mounted with two microprocessors to guarantee reliability, safety, and performance. The system is able to release maximum power at any time assuring full battery performance during the whole life cycle of the vehicle’s charge.The control unit manages the regenerating braking system in conjunction with the ABS system. The VCU of Energica EGO also checks battery efficiency when the vehicle is switched off.

Energica EGO has a battery charging system of 110-220 V with a cable interface on the electric column. It will also be available with a recharge inlet for the FAST CHARGE DC Combo 2. Energica EGO has a digital dashboard from COBO TFT with an active matrix of 4.3 inches and color display.

Since the Pulsar 375 will come significantly cheaper than the Duke 390, Bajaj Auto will have to cut corners somewhere and we expect it to be the engine. There will be no Nikasil coating or forged piston in the Pulsar 375′s motor and thus power output will be curtailed to under 40 BHP (our best guess is 38 PS and 30 Nm). On the styling front, the Pulsar 375 does seem to take influence from a Honda but in all honesty, the styling has been derived from the Energica EGO which is an electric superbike. What do you think of our renderings, does the full faired Pulsar have the eye candy to match its performance credentials?

So What are Changes Done By Bajaj In Pulsar 375 ? From The Spy Picture We Assume That the Handle Bar has taken from Pulsar 220 as it is Looks that Handle bar Has His Height which is good as You Don’t have to lean on your bike and thus keeping this in mind they have made tank to look Medium not as Big on Superbikes. Bajaj has Completely change Pulsar 375 Sides Panels they made it to look Like Arrowish Types. The Shocker are Given in the Middle just Like Pulsar 200NS which is Not a Good idea but SportBikes are made up like this only!

Now You can see in the Picture Below Similarity Between Energica Bikes and Pulsar 375 Design. Even The Turning Indicators Are Same as Energica CRP.

What Bajaj Has Given in Bajaj Pulsar 375 ? The underbelly exhaust has been replaced by a conventional unit while the front sports twin projector headlights. A large windscreen will help in reducing wind resistance at high speeds and clip-on handle bars have been added as well. But the changes don’t end here as Bajaj Auto has also given the Pulsar 375 SS steel braided lines along with ABS.

Bajaj Auto is likely to give the Pulsar 375 a fuel injected engine based on the Duke 390 which will produce a power output of around 40 BHP (32 Nm of torque). The tyres, wheels, chassis, cluster will be identical to the 200 NS on which the P375 is based. The mirrors are new though which should help in better rear visibility for all types of riders. Expect the Pulsar 375 SS to be priced Starts Onwards Rs. 1.50 lakhs. Do Tell Us What You Think about This Article ? Does You Also Find Pulsar 375 inspired By Energica Do Tell Us In Comment Section.

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