Thursday, 12 December 2013

Nokia Android Phone Codename 'Normandy' In Works, To Be Launch in 2014

When Microsoft initiated a purchase of Nokia back in September, a lot of Android fans let out a defeated sigh: there was no way the company would ever release Android-powered hardware. Well hold on to your dreams, true believers, because multiple leaks indicate that a new Nokia phone will indeed run Google's open-source OS.  Nokia, which has been supporting the Windows Phone platform like a lone ranger, might be finally changing gears and soon releasing an Android phone.

The phone is codenamed "Normandy," though that is almost certain to change to "Lumia Four-Digit Number" if it's released. Evleaks posted what looked like a press photo of the phone in late November, which we ignored at the time because... well, did you see the sign on the door? He speculated that it might be an Asha device, Nokia's brand of inexpensive smartphones running the S40 operating system, most of which are aimed at emerging markets.      

We’re told that Normandy supports Android applications like Skype, and other popular top apps. Nokia has been developing the Android-powered phone despite Microsoft’s plans to acquire the company’s handset business. It’s now unclear whether Nokia will release the handset before the Microsoft deal is finalized, or whether Microsoft will continue with the plans for the device. Interestingly, the report reveals that Nokia, following the lead of Amazon, is working on a fully-tailored or forked version of Android, like the software on the online retail giant's Kindle Fire tablet range.

The mysterious phone is likely to be an Asha device due to lack of hardware shutter button, capacitive buttons and LED flash in it, intending for budget-minded users as a low end phone lacking even the basic Smartphone hardware like a GPS radio or 3G data, but supposed to be running Android applications like Skype, and other popular apps. This is a forked version of Android, which means that it won’t be associated with Google services and would be more like the Amazon’s Kindle Fire device and there wont be any official play store but Nokia would be able to customize it to the max.

It is unclear whether Nokia will release the handset before the deal is finalized with Microsoft, though the device was designed and planned before the acquisition began. Multiple sources claim that the phone is due for a release in 2014. One insider said that the project will complete and Normandy will be released, describing its status as “full steam ahead.” It is also reported that the version of Android used in the phone is heavily customized and modified.

In any case, the Normandy is a project from a very different company than the one Nokia is now, or will be later. Even if it is released, and it does run Android, it certainly won't herald a change for the company at large. Nokia's more widespread devices in all segments of the mobile market will run Windows, and only Windows, in the immediate future.

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