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Exclusive:The World Most Expensive Lamborghini Veneno Car Delivered To N.R.I 'Mr Kris Singh' in US

When You Have Enough Money You Wanted To Buy The Most Beautiful Thing Of This World, But When You Have More Than Enough Money You’ll Buy The Lamborghini Veneno.  As four Veneno hypercars were built by Lamborghini it only let go of three cars and kept the first for itself. Hence, South Beach, Miami, Florida's Kris Singh is now the proud owner of the first or rather second Lamborghini Veneno in the world and he hopes this very special car will stay in his family even after he is long gone.

Mr Kris Singh (N.R.I) who Manages a Private Investment Firm Received One Of  the only Three Lamborghini Veneno For Sale Worldwide on Jan 20, completing a transaction That began In March 2013. The Car was delivered to Singh Miami residence at 7:00 p.m. As Darkness fell and vivid colors of the commemorative Italian uber-car, the Masterpiece was unloaded off a Flatbed, and keys were presented to Mr Singh

It Fell To be Proud of World Fastest & Expensive car Owner, Mr Kris Singh who bought the first Lamborghini Veneno in the world is not stupid to spend over $4 million on this car. He just saw the car, liked its wild looks and exclusivity, and wrote the check. Simple as that.

The Vehcile is Believed to be History Highest Priced, retail, new car Sale at a tag of $41,06,000 (28 crore) for Veneno  The Vehicle was sold to Mr Singh by St. Louis Motorcars which is owned by Graham Hill and J.J Mills. The Vehicle was shipped from the factory to, and prepped at, Prestige Imports Lamborghini Miami

After Taking Official Delivery of the $4Millon Dollar car, the buyer and Grahme Hill promptly drove the supercar to a South Beach restaurant for Dinner and Proudly parked his new prized possession right in front, for all of South Beach to See and Enjoy. Mr Singh Has Also Modified some feature according to his taste like the Green Strip at Rear Specially made For Himself.

All the Lamborghini Veneno will be delivered later this year, and while one will be shown in a dealership in the United States, a second being driven scarcely by its Middle Eastern owner the third one owned by Kris Singh will actually be driven in Florida ... so expect a nice spot later this year of one of the most impressive Lamborghini ever built. We are Lucky To Cover this Story exclusively For India.

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