Thursday, 23 January 2014

Exhausted: Suzuki Gixer 150 Naked Bike Caught Testing In India, Launching Soon!

As We Reported Earlier That Suzuki is working on a radically different GSXR 150cc motorcycle to compete with the Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR150R. Now a bike has been spotted on the Noida expressway, en route to the 2014 Auto Expo where it will be displayed. The lack of camouflaging on the motorcycle means that the launch could be around the corner.

This Bike can change the Fate of Suzuki in India because Its shows us completely Different Design From the Suzuki Portfolio  a little bit Mixture Of Pulsar 200NS.  Vaibhav who spotted the bike says he saw two Suzuki motorcycles although he has shared only one picture. We feel a full faired version of the above pictured bike could also be launched.

The front of the bike seems similar to the Pulsar 200 NS with a streetfighter fairing. Vaibhav says that the bike was doing speeds of over 120 Kph, which also means that it features a 150cc engine at least.
Now You all are Guessing Why we Said Exhausted because of the exhaust muffler of the bike which is quite sporty, with twin holes. The exhaust is clearly inspired by the bigger engined Suzuki bikes like the GSX-R, which also feature similarly styled exhausts. Its being another 150cc offering is  the lack of a rear disc brake, an unseen omission even on 150cc bikes these day. The rear sports a 130 section tyre. The bike also sports a monoshock rear suspension

The name of the new Suzuki motorcycle is Gixer, another point which reveals that the bike is inspired by the bigger Suzuki sportsbikes. The Gixer will be powered by a 150cc, 4-valve engine but the fins for air-cooling are very visible so this is most likely an update to the GS150R. Also it won’t be out of place to assume that this might be a replacement for the Suzuki GS150R which hasn’t been clocking enough numbers on the sales chart for the Japanese manufacturer.

Putting these facts together, the new Suzuki GIXER 150 should appeal to people looking for an everyday motorcycle and when needed would also double up as a decent performer. Thereby, a sporty looking 150cc bike that can challenge rivals like the Bajaj Pulsar 150, Honda Unicorn and the Yamaha FZ16 is what Suzuki really needs immediately. Suzuki should be putting 80,000 Rs Tag on it! Or could be higher!

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