Monday, 13 January 2014

Leaked: Nokia "Normandy" prototype Smartphone Shows the New Android UI and App Menu in leaked Images

As we Reported Earlier that Nokia is Shifting towards Android Smartphone is just one step Ahead to come into reality after the Leaked Pics showcase on Internet, the device has shown its face again and again in a stream of leaks that each offered up a bit more detail on the device than the one that came before it. That trend continues again today, as two new images of the Normandy have surfaced that show the Android-powered handset in the wild and powered on.

The photos show a device with a black front panel and single capacitive back button beneath its display. The first image depicts the Normandy in a protective shell that’s meant to hide its true identity, but we can see that it features Nokia branding that’s likely part of its boot sequence.


Much like the photo leaked in the morning, this new photo also doesn’t shed much light on the smartphone’s specifications. Instead, what we see is a device designed like the Asha smartphones, with a single back button. The UI, which is a forked version of Android, is similar to the leaked photos we saw earlier this month. The app menu seen in the photo above looks more like the Asha UI than the Android we are more used to.

What is “Forked Android” ? :  Basically instead of running the Android version you might find on any Samsung, HTC or LG out there, it will run something called the Android Open Source Project or AOSP. What this means is instead of using the Android version that Google have refined (Kitkat, Jelly bean etc.) the device runs a more “pure” Android experience.

However this means that any device built off of a “forked” version of android, or AOSP doesn’t naively have access to the Google play store, Android’s biggest weapon. Instead the OEM will have to make their own app store and populate it with apps of their own; however the apps are usually fully compatible and require little to no modifications, so it’s simply a factor of getting the publisher to add them to another app store (and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t). Of course you can also gain access to the Play store and its apps by side-loading them onto the device, but that’s another story.

Meanwhile, the second shot shows the device free of its case and displaying what looks to be an app menu, complete with options for Phone, Camera, Music and more. The status bar of this Normandy resembles the one shown in a previously-leaked set of renders, right down to the device’s dual-SIM support.

In another separate report, additional set of screenshots have revealed the device’s model name as Nokia A110. The screenshots have also stated that the device is running Android 4.4.1 and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor although the rest of the specifications have been blacked out. Not to forget, the device also features a 5-megapixels camera.

Since the Normandy runs on a forked version of Android, it won’t have access to most Google services that are available on Android smartphones. Nokia will have its own app store on the phone. Google Maps will be replaced by Nokia Maps, whereas Google Search will be replaced by Microsoft’s Bing search and Gmail by Outlook.

At this point in time, the Normandy is scheduled to be announced at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. However, plans can change if Microsoft’s acquisition deal is completed before that though we have learnt that Microsoft is said to be on board with the forked Android plan for the time being and is likely to be priced between $100 and $125.

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