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Hamara Bajaj: Bajaj Reveals Pulsar Full Faired SS400 and Pulsar Cruiser CS400 with ABS at Auto Expo 2014

Hamaraa Bajaj No Way It’s a Futuristic Bajaj with New Technologies and futuristic design presented at Auto Expo 2014. Bajaj has pulled a massive surprise at the 2014 Auto Expo. While we expected them to show the faired version of the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS, the company has gone ahead and shown not one but two new Pulsars, both with the larger 375cc engine. The bikes are called the Pulsar CS400 and Pulsar SS400, one is a naked street-fighter while the other is a full faired machine.

The bike has a lot of Ducati influence, visible in the all digital console. We will get more details and update this post but the pictures speak a thousand words. The CS stands for Cruiser Sports and is a power cruiser on the lines of the Ducati Diavel and the faired SS400, where SS stands for Supersports

TAs we Reported Earlier That Pulsar 375 will Be Heavily Inspired By the Energica EGO, the Fastest Electric Bike Now You Only Decide How Much ? Well The front fairing is identical to what we’ve been seeing on test mules with a pair of small recessed headlamps. The fairing features many slashes and even a faux air intake ahead of the tank. The tank it self is quite large. The rear features a sport bike style split seat while the flashy tail lamp is mounted on the rear mudguard. The bike features raised clip on handle bars and doesn’t seem to have as exaggerated a riding position as the design suggests.

The swing-arm of the Pulsar SS400 is the same as that of the CS400, however, the exhaust is differently styled. It’s stubby and two-tone, but we don’t quite like that tail pipe peeping out of the exhaust unit. The end-can would have looked much neater without that little tube protruding out of it. The Pulsar features a two piece step seat. While it looks good, the comfort offered to pillion would be lesser than the CS400’s seat.

Chassis-wise the SS400 features a different frame to the trellis on the KTM 390 Duke this bike is based on. The engine is also based on the KTM’s but has been considerably reworked and features Bajaj’s triple spark technology. The company has remained tight lipped on any engine specs so far.

The CS400 (above) meanwhile retains the overall silhouette of the 200NS but looks considerably beefier in every aspect. The bike features a new headlamp and gets all digital gauges that sit on top of a conventional handle bar.

Pulsar CS400 adorns an on-tank backlit LCD display which has the speedometer and gear selection. This is a one-of-a-kind design that the world has never seen before.The design is rounded off by a thick rear end with a butch looking end can mounted along the right side of the bike. One difference between the SS and CS is that the faired bike runs Metzeler tyres like the KTM 390 Duke but the street bike runs a new version of the MRF Revz seen on the smaller 200 Duke.

Looking at the features and gear, it seems the CS400, which is a more unadulterated embodiment of Pulsar brand’s original streetfighter character – will be the flagship model. The SS400 doesn’t have some of the goodies we saw on the CS400. It doesn’t have the HID+LED headlamps, it doesn’t have the full digital instrumental console, it doesn’t have the tank mounted speedo and it doesn’t even have the upside down forks of the CS400. Yet, the SS400 has a lot to drool about. In some ways, it even manages to look sexier than the CS400, while from some other angles, it looks a bit overdone. We believe that the engine character of the Pulsar SS400 will be on the sportier, reviver side while the CS400 will have a more mid-range focus.

 I Dont Know Why Pulsar CS400 Headlamps Remind Me About Dead Space Game Do You Think Also ? Well But The Truth Is Pulsar CS400 Is More Appealing More Than Pulsar CC400 and Most Eyecatching Also. Till Now The Launch Date has Not Announced By Bajaj But Pulsar CC 400 can Lie Upto 1.50 Lakhs as Per Full-Faired SS400 Could Go Upto 1.75 lakhs Because pricing Will Decide Their Future Of Bikes. Hero Previously Entered The Battle Zone Announcing HXR 250cc Bike, Now Time Will Only Tell Who Will Face the Heat. Do Tell Us What You Fell About It ?

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