Wednesday, 5 February 2014

[Update] Hello Moto: Moto G Launched In India with Killing Price of Rs 12,499 with Accessories to be Starting from Rs 899

After Motorola Shutting Their Business in India The Way back, They Are Back and we Welcomes Them  in India Again “Hello Moto”. Yes They Are Back With Fresh New Moto-G. After So Many Hype and Raising The Bar, Now The Wait Is Over as Motorola Launched Moto-G In India. It will be exclusively available online on Flipkart. In addition to the device, Motorola has also launched a few back covers with prices starting from…

 This is probably the first time any global smartphone vendor has gone with an online-only retail model, which means Motorola will not launch it in brick-and-mortar retail stores. The retail model has its obvious pitfalls – a majority of users are still not comfortable with online shopping and there is no way one can get a look and feel of the device before buying it. But it seems Motorola has its reasons for going with the online exclusive model.

Considering Motorola is making a comeback into India, it has set up a network of after-sales service centres capable of a maximum turn-around time of three days. “We are also adding more service centres,” Ahlqvist said. Rumoured is that The Lenovo India Will Put Service Centre With Their Dealerships for Motorola as Moto G was announced by Google, but ultimately it will be Lenovo that will be benefiting.

So like it or not, Motorola will be selling via online retailers (specifically Flipkart) only at least in what Ahlqvist calls “foreseeable future” and you should not hold your breath for the Moto G to become widely available at physical retail stores.

Flipkart is also offering a range of freebies and discounts on the Moto G to further sweeten the deal. When you buy the device on the launch day, you are entitled to a 70 percent discount on customizable Moto G covers, Rs 500 off on select eBooks, Rs 1,000 off on clothing and accessories and some lucky winners would also be entitled for a 100 percent cashback. and a chance to win 100% credit i.e. added to Flipkart store (for 100 lucky winners). The link will be placed in the Hot Deals Section just before 00:00:01 am.

You can choose from three kinds of back covers — the Moto G Back Cover for Rs 899, the Moto G Grip Cover for Rs 1,099 and the Moto G Flip Cover for Rs 1,599. The Back Cover is essentially a removable back panel, which is available in multiple colors, the Grip Cover has an extra rubber padding around the phone’s frame for that extra grip, and the Flip Cover, as the name suggests, adds a cover for your display which also switches the display on and off, when you open or close the top flap. For Complete Details On Moto-G and its Feature Visit Moto-G Budget Friendly Smartphone

[Update]: Gone In 60min, Flipkart launched the most awaited Moto G on 6th February 00:00 and within minutes the product was sold out. The Moto G with 8GB internal storage was priced at Rs. 12,499 and 16GB for Rs. 13,999 – with launch day offers. The Moto G 16 GB version that was available a few minutes after the 8GB version, got sold out in about 20 minutes. The 8GB version got sold out within 60 minutes. There is indeed a mad rush for the Moto G smartphone. It is not just the specs but the price too that made it to Sell as Hot Cake. But Flipkart is successful to fulfill the Stock og 8gb Moto G But be Aware you will Only get 5GB Storage free From 8Gb here is the evidence. But the sad Part that UP State will not get Any Moto G to be sold by Flipkarts as it has the Limit of Rs 10,000 on Purchase

“The traffic that we are seeing on our site post the launch has exceeded what we experienced during our Diwali sales. This is unprecedented,” Sachin Bansal, co-founder and CEO, Flipkart

You Can Buy It From Flipkart Visit here - Hello Moto-G

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