Sunday, 23 February 2014

WhatsApp Goes Down, So What went Wrong ?; Is it Facebook Effect ?

Previously WhatsApp Acquired By Facebook  by which it proved to be a Very Big Deal all Over the world. Facebook acquires WhatsApp for $19 Billion and the WhatsApp team will now work with Facebook.  Now everybody Has expected that Whatsapp Will Improve and help Better To Serve The People Globally after Facebook Made a Deal With Whatsapp, But Reality Is Yesterday Whatsapp Gone Down!.

Last night around 12AM users on WhatsApp complained about not being able to send or receive messages. After about four hours services were restored. When you open WhatsApp, it keeps trying to connect to the servers. It is quite similar to when you open the messaging app when there is no data connection. (Whatsapp Not Responding And Suddenly U See EveryOne On Facebook. Thats Called Business. Mr. Mark U Are Awesome), Trending on Facebook! Check on Top Tweets About Whatsapp Down   

At around 1:46AM, WhatsApp put out a statement confirming the server outage. The first statement read, “Sorry we are currently experiencing server issues. We hope to be back up and recovered shortly.”

Why did Facebook Acquire WhatsApp ?  WhatsApp as an application has more than 315 Million active users each day. Facts say that the number of messages sent through WhatsApp is approximately the same as the total number of SMS traffic throughout the world. Not only here in India, but in countries like Brazil, Mexico and South Africa; WhatsApp is the most used messaging service.

450 Million people across the world use the WhatsApp application out of which 70% are active every day. If facts are to be believed, the users to this application are growing(currently adding more than 1 million new registered users per day.

About two and half hours later, at 4:18AM the company released another statement confirming that services had been restored and that How the Problem ended.

[UPDATE]: WhatsApp founder Jan Koum has issued an apology and blamed a network router for Saturday's outage of the mobile messaging app. It Is Also said Due To Heavy Traffic After The Facebook Deal Occurred More & More People Joined WhatsApp Due To Which Network Router Crashed.

"We are sorry about the downtime," wrote Koum. "It has been our longest and biggest outage in years. It was caused by a network router fault which cascaded into our servers. We worked with our service provider on resolving the issue and making sure it will not happen again." 

WhatsApp was down for more than three hours on Saturday just days after Facebook bought it

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