Friday, 14 March 2014

@Bollywood: Rabir Kapoor new ride is a Cool YikeBike which is Fun to Ride!

Bollywood Young Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor has added New Bike To His Portfolio, But This Time It is Much Convenient  &  Eco-Friendly  as it is a Small Electric Bike Called YikeBike. It is a type of folding electric motorcycle weighing just 9.8 kilos and when folded, can fit into a backpack. It was invented by Grant Ryan and designed by a team in New Zealand over five years.

It is the smallest and lightest folding motorcycle in the world, with built-in lights, indicators and brake lights for safety. It's something like a modern interpretation to the penny-farthing style bicycle. You know, the old timey ride with a giant wheel up front, tiny one out back, bowler hat wearing gentleman perched precariously up top, high enough to make one wonder how he got there in the first place.

The YikeBike is thankfully much smaller, its front tire having a diameter of just 20-inches. This is a little bigger than that purple or blue (or both) Huffy you had as a kid, with a rear wheel just 8-inches inches across. It's a strange looking bird, but it isn't odd for the sake of turning heads. That little rear wheel collapses and tucks inside the front, which is almost entirely enclosed by an all carbon fiber shroud containing the battery pack, motor, and probably some kryptonite too.

Likewise the handlebars fold down, the seat tucks away, and the whole thing turns into a puck that, with the addition of a padded shoulder strap, becomes a 23lb back appendage that is, unfortunately, rather larger than George Jetson's briefcase and a bit too large to carry on to a flight

The folding and unfolding process takes about 20 or 30 seconds, naturally getting quicker the more times you do it, involving a handful clamps and folds. Sadly there is no button you can press to have the thing automatically furl and unfurl, an addition that would really knock the socks out of those slack-jawed passers by -- adding unneeded cost and complexity in the process.

On the back is an array of decidedly conspicuous LEDs that act as brake and turn signals -- yes, there are little buttons on the handlebars that let you indicate a turning direction. Just in front of those buttons are a pair of even brighter LEDs that act as makeshift headlights. No, they won't deliver sweet comeuppance to those xenon blinders in their luxury cars, but they will at least let you see far enough to get home safely after yet another late-night production deployment.

The YikeBike is steered by handlebars that sit at your sides, on stalks that extend from behind the seat. Turning the bars turns the front wheel, feet either side on pegs that fold down from that swoopy carbon cowling. Meanwhile the seat is really attached to the rear wheel. Whatsoever It’s a really Fun To Ride Experience! With this Bike!

Itss Too Fast Check the video Wrooooom!


Squeeze the throttle too hard (a trigger on the right grip) and you might just lose your balance, but you can always just put a foot down. Alternately if you hit the brake too hard (a trigger on the left grip) the bike does an immediate endo, bucking you out of the seat. This may sound dangerous, but it actually feels quite natural: you just stand up.  Now you Know Hot To Make You Appearance More Realistic When You want to ? 

A charge takes about 45 minutes, which is quite acceptable, but having to use that charging brick is a bit of a bother. The Top Speed Of Bike Is 23 Km/ph and The Battery Last Up For 10Km which is Quite good. Its Orginal Cost Is $3,700 while Aluminum Will cost u just $2,000. The Carbon Fiber YikeBike is a light weight than the reason it can count upto 15Km in one charge, 5km more than Aluminum YikeBike.

Ranbir Kapoor uses his YikeBike to commute on the set of Bombay Velvet in Sri Lanka. Ranbir is the first Bollywood celebrity to have adopted this cool, young vehicle that can fit into a backpack. Ranbir, confirming the same, said, "I have been chasing to find a YikeBike for the past three to four years, but could not find it. It's an electric bike which you sit on, where you sit on the big wheel and the small wheel is behind. The 'Bombay Velvet' set is spread over 12 acres and is so big that I thought it would be easier to transport yourself from one place to the other if I had one. I bought it in New York for $6,000 and then shifted it to Mumbai. A month before our shooting schedule, I sent it to Sri Lanka so that I could use it here."

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