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Lucknow City To Get Free Wifi Access To Internet Via BSNL WiMax Tower: How To Get it ?

So After Bangalore and Patna, Lucknow Too Became Third City In India To Get Free Wifi. Akhilesh  Yadav Inaugurated This Program on Sunday From His CM Avas. BSNL Is Helping The Up Government To Provide The Free Wifi Service. It’s a Holi Gift From Up Government To us. As We Know The Election are Not Far Away which means Akhilesh  is Trying to Put Youth Together as Just Like Up Election were HP Laptops Were Distributed among Students!. Lets Peek into the World of Internet

The Free Wifi Internet will be Available in Town. For This Project UP Government has Invested About 2,000 Crore So that People Surf at Blazing Internet Speed in his Town. BSNL will Provide the Free Wifi Internet Through WiMax Tower which has been established before this Contract as BSNL provide Internet thought It were there is No possible Land Connection.

My WiMax Device & WiMax Tower
Internet Through WiMax Is Nothing New in this age of Technology Because I am using it too. Just The Difference is this that I Use WiMax Device (which catch Signal From WiMax Tower) at Home to access the Internet and You Don’t Need Any Device to use Free Wifi you can Direct Access Internet From Any Of Your Device.

In Technical World You can Use Internet All Over Lucknow. You Can Access Internet with the Speed Of 512kbps Which is Quite reliable and if You are questioning About Speed you will get then Don’t Worry Here WiMax Does It Job it Help to maintain The Internet Speed as Provided By Serve It Does Not mean You Get Upto 512kbps but yes You’ll get The Perfect Speed For your Use better than 2G Service. As I am using It and its Satisfy My Need For The Speed Of My Net. But were it Lacks is a time of Downloading, As per I concerned you will Get only 40kbps Speed at the time of Downloading and it also lacks in Uploading just only 20kbps of Speed. But There are Possible Chances Are To Fix The Internet Use For the Lucknow Residents. 

“Seeing The Dependence Upon Mobile and Tablets in Youth. We Decided To Provide Internet  Through WiFi To The City. We Hope That Through This Service we can Fulfil the Internet Need Of The People. After This We Will Look Forward to Others City”  said By MD, BSNL East

Let  Me Tell you This Service is  Not at all Absolute Free  yes you heard it right, yes its Painful but not to Much as you are intended to Give Only Rs50 Per Month and for that you don’t have to take any Connection Nor Recharge Nor Stand In Line That’s Great know you have to Just Sit And Relax Because That Rs50 bill will be Included To Your Electricity Bill Of Your House For That BSNL and Nagar Nigham has tied Up and Formed a New Software.

How To Get Free Wifi Internet Access From WiMax Tower ? 

# Firstly Take Your Laptop, Tablet or Your Smartphone Open Your Setting Panel Turn On WiFi For Laptop User Press Wifi Button on your Laptop [NOTE: Desktop User cant Access This Service as There is No Option For Wifi]

# Then Search The Network you’ll Find upgov@lucknow Flashing at your Screen

# Now it will ask for username & Password & That is – Username: upgov@lucknow, Password: upgoverment

# Now Enjoy The Free Wifi Service

Till Now We have only this Much Information we will update this article as per New Information So you can like us on Facebook in below Link so you Don’t Miss Any Important information from us. Do Try it and tell us did you find find the Network in your area and did you use it in comment Section because Till Now I didn’t Find and Such Network, it look Like they Need More time to Establish WiMax Tower in entire Lucknow . Possibility Oh Hazarat Ganj Area of Getting Wifi Is More. We Welcome Any Question Related to this Article.

So Here Now, After Success In Punjab & Kerala  BSNL is Starting Their WiMax Services From Tomorrow in Lucknow (NOTE: Its Not related with Free Wifi Service) were plans start From Rs399 onwards & You are eligible to get 2Mbps Speed. Sunil Parihar, BSNL UP East has Granted this Plan. For Activation charge will apply Rs250 and Fitting Charges will be Rs50 as well were you get the Device like My. You Will Get 2.5GB Download & Upload per month. After This You will Charged About 1paisa per 100KB. Its Good For Those were Land Connection is Not possible. I just Pay Rs500 And Gets Unlimited Downloading you can too have in Wi750 Plan Were u get Unlimited Downloading For Rs750 per/month.

[New Update]: This Update is For those who still have a Doubt in their Mind, there are Still Many Question Revolving Around Your Mind. I’ll try to clear it Out For You, This Above picture Show The BSNL Wi-Max Tower Taking its Shape in Hazratganj, Still Its InComplete without wi-max Radar on it. Still you have a doubt take a visit to this ( Free Wifi India Wikipedia ) were u get all the list of free Wi-fi service in India and there u find Hazrtganj name Listed in UP or you can visit youll find a sneak peak of Wi-Max tower which is same as it in the above picture. All This Indicate Yes We are Going To Get Free Wifi Service, But Still we want to Hear From BSNL itself About it. They Can Easily Placed The Wi-Max Radar on any Of Their Tower But The Government has Invested the Budget So They Have to Show to Government were they have Spend Their Money.  If This Happen then the Range Will Follow You From Nishtganj To Charbagh Or They Can Extend Also, but till Then Time Will Tell. Now Its Up To You To Decide, You can Tell us In Comment What you think About it ? Stay #tuned With Us This Page Will Be Updated as Per The New Information. Don’t Miss!

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