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Warning: Video of 'Malaysia MH370 Plane Found In Bermuda Triangle' is a Scam Spreads on Facebook

A fake video claiming that the missing Malaysian Airline passenger jet was spotted near Bermuda Triangle has been spreading on Facebook. Wait Yours One Click can Became The reason For Hacking Of your facebook Account. Today we also Find Out the Possibility For Surviving of MH370 Plane in this Article. Let Solve the Mystery.....

Before that, Let Me tell You the scam will trick you into 'liking', sharing or completing surveys, which it claims you have to do in order to watch the video in the post. But, there is no video, so do not be tricked into completing the surveys, liking or sharing it. The spam video has been enticing users to click on the link has flooded users’ timelines and spreading malware. Below is the Scam From which you have to be careful And saved.

Not Only This Any Video Claiming that MH370 has been found or the video looks Suspicious Dont click on it because it will be only a Scam nothing else. The fake ”breaking news” clips, even attributing their source to major news organizations like BBC and CNN, entice users to click on them and once clicked, prompts them to first share and like the page before watching the video. The website revealed that hackers were taking advantage of the huge interest in the story to spread malware on the social network and direct users’ to malicious website.

NOTE: ‘If you’ve shared or liked it, it’s probably best to delete malware post from your Facebook wall,’ the website recommends.

Remember, there is no video, and this is a scam. If this post appears on your Facebook Wall/Timeline, please delete it and do not like, share or comment on it. Never share, like, take surveys in order to view video, 

The Untold Story Of #MH370

Its Been a One Week since missing of Malaysia Airlines MH370. On March 8 Mh370 Suspect ally Disappeared From The Radar and From the Sight Of The World After 1 hour Since Take off with 239 people. So were Did The Plan Gone ? Lets Checks All The Possibility

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has hinted that the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 was almost certainly hijacked. There Are possibility as two Iranis have Detected with Stolen Passport. There are 20 People on Board and those people are related With Defence Minister and Working on a Project on Aviation Planes that Lost their path, Some people from those are having experience for Flight Attending It possibly the have taken over the Mh370 Controls.  And Other Possibility which is coming out as a Breaking News while Writing this article.

Live News:
Reports coming out of China that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah's wife and three children had moved out of the family home the day before flight MH370 disappeared and CNN reports police have just left the home of the MH370 co-pilot carrying small bags.

Whatever truly happened to missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, its apparently unchallenged wanderings through Asian skies point to major gaps in regional - and perhaps wider - air defences.
One part of the hunt is in the South China Sea, where the aircraft was seen on civilian radar flying northeast before vanishing without any indication of technical problems. A similar-sized search is also being conducted in the Strait of Malacca because of military radar sightings that might indicate the plane turned in that direction after its last contact, passing over the Malay Peninsula.
The total search area being covered is about 35,800 square miles (92,600 square kilometers) — about the size of Portugal.

Live News 2: It emerged in reports overnight that Captain Shah had his own flight simulator set up in his home.
Simulator Set-Up At Captain Shah Home

China had eight ships and 10 satellites searching for the plane. Recently Bangladesh also join the search Mission with Other Countries. Besides the Chinese satellite photos and the so-far fruitless search based on the possible sighting on military radar, there have been other developments in the aviation mystery that have failed to lead to finding the plane or the cause of its disappearance:

  •  Oil slicks seen Saturday were found to have nothing to do with the jetliner.
  •  A yellow object spotted by a search plane turned out to be ordinary sea trash.
  •  Officials initially said four or five passengers checked in for the flight but did not board, fueling speculation about terrorism. Officials later said some people with reservations never checked in and were simply replaced by standby passengers, and no baggage was removed.
  •  Officials said two men, later identified as Iranians, boarded the plane with stolen passports. It was later reported that they were unlikely to be linked to terrorist groups.

Investigators have not ruled out any possible cause for the plane's disappearance.

Experts say one possibility that could explain why the transponders were not working is that the pilot, or a passenger, likely one with some technical knowledge, switched off the transponders in the hope of flying undetected.

Latest News: The Malaysian authorities revealed today that last satellite communication from flight MH370 was at 8.11am Malaysian time. This is way past the time the flight was due to land in Beijing.The two 'corridors' investigators believe it could have flown, are either north towards the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan border, or south towards Indonesia and the Indian Ocean.

If it flew north, at 8.11am, the plane could have been above Thailand, China Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan.However, the Wall Street Journal points out that it is unlikely to have been able to pass through so many countries undetected especially China or India which both have air defence systems. As of today 14 countries 43 ships and aircraft are involved in the search. We Can Onl pray For #Mh370 to Return with All Alive passengers!

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