Thursday, 17 April 2014

Now Call and Surf Internet Unlimited with Airtel Night Plans Starting For Rs 7 Only

Airtel has quietly launched the Night Store. All the plans in the Night Store can be availed only online and can be consumed only between 12AM to 6AM. All the data as well as calling plans are quite attractive and are being offered at pretty low fares. Now You can Continue Your Late Night Talk (secretly) without Interruption as it become Unlimited For Airtel prepaid.

Airtel has announced new tariff plans for both calls and 2G/3G Internet during the night i.e. from 12midnight to 6AM, and from the looks of it, they look as interesting as the speed hike back in the day (the time when your dial-up connection used to witness a speed hike during the night). Introduced as a part of Night Store, a store where people can buy value for money offers on their prepaid phones. These packs can be bought by dialing *129#, by calling 129, or by logging on to Airtel’s mobile website.

Apart from the plans mentioned below, customers can also enjoy unlimited access to Facebook for no charge at all, browsing until 250MB, after which the data speed will be throttled to 40Kbps , as a part of the new Night Packs. It must be noted that some of these plans are region dependent, and the exact MRP can be found out by accessing the Night Store from your phone.

Another combo offers unlimited local Airtel-to-Airtel voice calls and unlimited 2G data for just Rs 15. However, the users in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, UP (East), Kolkata, Haryana, Kerala, Punjab and Orissa can avail this combo for just Rs 9. 

All the plans associated with the Night Store are listed below and are only applicable for pre-paid customers.

  1. Rs 7 – Unlimited local Airtel to Airtel calls.
  2. Rs 8 – Unlimited 2G Internet.
  3. Rs 15 – Unlimited Local Airtel to Airtel call + 2G Internet Unlimited
  4. Rs 29 – 500Mb of 3G Internet.
  5. Rs 49 – 1Gb of 3G Internet.

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