Sunday, 11 May 2014

Makeover: Toyota Corolla Modified Into an Awesome Red Ferrari F430

As we Previously Showcased The Beautiful Moon Rover and we got a Quite good response so we decided to Give a Gorgeous new Glisme of Ferrai F430 made out Of Toyota Corolla in this new Article yet Unbelievable but Truth. This Red Ferrari F430 is an actually an old Corolla modified by an Indian Origin. He made this car very detailed so that It can deceive many people on their first look.

So what can you do if your old Corolla is not getting you enough eye balls? You can ring Executive Modcar Trends and convert it into a….wait for it…. Ferrari F430! 

When this Toyota Corolla rolled through the bustling streets of Bangalore, India recently, people stopped in their tracks to gawk and whistle. Nearly everyone assumed it was the fabulous Ferrari F430 sports car! The Toyota’s owner had dropped some dough to transform the car into a supercar 

The complete car has been redesigned to make it a 2 Seater. The entire bodywork is fibre glass and as a result is 20% lighter than the donor car. The interior has also been revamped to make it look like a sportscar by removing the plastic wood of the donor car and replacing it with chrome.

The UK was actually the inspiration for Executive Modcar Trendz. Founder Faisal Nensey noticed how important luxury cars are in the UK, and wanted to offer a piece of that upscale vibe to India. Now, an increasing group of locals are driving around with egos stronger than a real supercar engine. 

Under the Red hood lies the heart of an old Corolla (Engine – Corolla is fuelled by a 1794 cc 4 cylinder VVT-I Gasoline engine that exudes a maximum power of 92 kW @ 6000 rpm/125 PS @ 6000 rpm at a peak torque of 158 Nm @ 4200 rpm/16.1kg-m @ 4200 rpm). The 2 places where it gives away are the wheels and the gap between the tyre and the fender, But still its Give you a classic looks.

You can get your old Corolla modified into a Ferrari F430 at Executive modcar tech team to make it eye-catching in streets? Modified Corolla costs approximately Rs.10 lakhs($ 17000). And I must say, for the money, Its Good Not It’s the Best replica Of Ferrari

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