Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Moon Rover is the New Modified Tata Safari with Range Rover Evoque Styling

What If i Told You? Now Your Dream car comes in your Budget and Doesn’t Make a Black Hole in Your Pocket, I know you will be Delighted with This News but all Thanks to Big daddy Customization It might Not Give You the whole New Luxury car, But you can take pleasure of Acquiring the Luxury car In your Garage. The Above Picture is Not of Land Rover Evoque instead it is a Modified Tata Safari trying hard to be Evoque Replica. The Tata Safari Customization is based upon two models as per Information Present on Internet, You can Customize at your Own Desire.

Big Daddy Customs is a Delhi based aftermarket design company. They have recently taken a Tata Safari and converted into what they call 'Moon Rover'. The Tata Safari gets styling influence from the Range Rover Evoque. The front looks quite good with the sharp Evoque design. LED lights have been incorporated very well and when viewed head on, its difficult to identify the donar car to be a Safari. The side profile will obviously give it away, that the car in contention is the Safari. The alloy wheels used are typically seen on a Safari and the foot steps loosk quite wacky.

However the Rear is a big Disappointed. The tail lights could have been like the Evoque and the rear bumper looks quite cheaply designed. The company has done a fantastic job at the front but the rear could have benefited with the same attention to detail. But never Mind the Customization Done as per the Customer Demand You can Choose your way to customize it. 

Their unique modifications are called Signature styling, which start at Rs. 99,000/- It takes around 12-14 weeks to churn out one modification. The Picture Shown above of Moon Rover is 2 years old.

Modern Styling

Now at Big Daddy Customization they really Worked out again to the problem of Moon Rover so they can churn out to the Eyes Of Their Customers and It Looks Like they got success in this, they again came out with new Moon Rover and this time they have sold Their Previous Mistake. 

It will be Not Wrong saying that the Moon Rover Got new pacemaker from Big Daddy Customization. Now Moon Rover gets Bold & Classic as they charmed out its new design heavily Inspired by Range Rover Evoque. A Range Rover Evoque costs roughly INR 55 lakhs in Indian car market. And just to further drive home our point, allow us to let you know that this Tata Safari modification costs just INR 8 lakhs It also include Interiors a also and this mod job takes anywhere between three to four months for completion. We Know the Customization Price is too much But Remember That Tata Safari Has Completely Modified From Interiors To exterior based on the Customer Demand. It Might Comes Cheap as upto 3 lacks if you Churn out as per Your need.

As per my concerned the tyre can be more churned out if they used a Chrome plated alloy wheel tyre then it will be a more elegant. Well if I am given  chance to modify my Tata Safari I will choose to be it Range Rover Voque that’s my personal favourite Range Rover

It Really Looks Like than Big Daddy customization has really Inspired Tata To Try It very own Sub SUV Land Rover, it emerged that Tata Motors is working with its luxury brand Land Rover to build a SUV with the Land Rover DNA. According to reports, a team of 45 engineers headed by Karl Heinz Servos is working on the project, which has been internally codenamed as Q5. This SUV could be five or seven seater and will be ready by 2016-17.

The upcoming SUV is likely to be badged as a Tata product although a joint badging option is also being explored since Tata Motors’ entry into the premium market with its crossover Aria wasn’t much welcomed by the Indian buyers. It States That Tata is working on two SUV based on land Rover where one will be put above 20 lakhs in a competition with Tata Fortuner and Pajero and the other one reside below 20 Lakhs.

So did you like this Modified Tata Safari you can also Modified your Tata safari from Big Daddy Customization but remember it will not be good for your New Tata Safari as it can lower the performance of your new Safari but if you have old one in your Garage then you can customize it to give whole new look to it! or you can buy any old Tata Safari for 3 lakhs and customize it to Moon Rover for total 6 Lakhs. Do tell us Did you like the work of Big daddy Customization its time to praise their Hard work, you can tell us in comment section and then we will provide you the contact details of Big Daddy Customization.  

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