Sunday, 25 May 2014

[Update] What's so Special in Modi's New BMW Car ?: Finally He Chooses BMW Over his Favorite Scorpio Car

After a historic win registered by Narendra Modi in the recently held polls for the central government, now the question rises whether the dynamic persona shall resume his duties everyday at work driving around in a commonly sighted BMW's for country's top leaders or whether he shall continue to drive around a locally made Mahindra Scorpio. Now days it becoming the Hot Topic will Modi will choose to be driven in the ‘swadeshi’ Mahindra Scorpio or the ‘videshi’ BMW 7-Series.

Previously For a long time, the iconic Hindustan Motors’ Ambassador sedan had been the official car for Prime Ministers. The switch-over to the German brand, BMW happened around 2003, during the tenure of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Increased threat perception from terrorist organisations and availability of highly-specialised armoured vehicles prompted the establishment to opt for the German brand, with each of the vehicle costing several crores of rupees. The current fleet of the Prime Minister is understood to have more than half-a-dozen BMW 760Li high-security limousines (some are used as decoy vehicles), while having around a dozen BMW X5 SUVs that are used by the SPG (Special Protection Group).

This BMW saloon can run for kilometers even on flat tyres and are fitted with advance heat sensors to ward off missiles and bombs as well, say sources. While the fuel tanks are made such that they don't explode during an attack, its cabin also turns into a gas-proof chamber and ensures oxygen supply to secure the occupant in cases of gas attacks, a source familiar with the vehicle said.

These vehicles offer high-level of sophistication and guard against attacks from heavy-calibre ammunition and explosives. The optimized armour plates are made from an incredibly strong special steel, and fit the bodywork of the car like a second skin. The entire interior is sheathed in an innovative combination of materials that forms an impenetrable second skin. Among the numerous safety features are run-flat tyres, a self-sealing fuel tank, an attack alarm and an intercom system, which enables the occupants to communicate with the outside world without leaving the vehicle or opening the doors or windows.

Modi has been using Mahindra Scorpio for long but it would be interesting whether he opts for it as prime minister as well. An ex-SPG officer says that Scorpio may not go well with PM level security because of its height but ultimately choice is PM's. The Bullet Proof Mahindra Scorpio Cost is About 12 Lakhs

Anand Mahindra, chairman of the Mahindra Group has expressed his desire by saying, “It will be a matter of pride for us and for the whole nation if our new PM continues to make the India-made Scorpio his vehicle of choice.” Thrilled at the possibility, Mahindra said that the company is looking to make the required security upgrades to Scorpio to meet the Prime Minister’s security cover.

Since Narendra Modi's days as the CM of Gujarat, a fleet of bullet-proof Scorpio SUV's has been a part and parcel of his security cover. Goenka further added, “We are capable of upgrading the vehicle to whatever standards that may be sought, including having a more powerful engine on board as well as other security needs.”

It should be kept in mind that Mahindra already caters to the Indian military and its Defense Land Systems arm also modifies regular models to speciality security vehicles.

Around nine cars are expected to be in Modi's cavalcade apart from a unit of bomb squad vehicle. Out of these at least two are likely to be identical BMWs to act as decoys and another five BMWs and others for the escorts. The SPG will also enhance the dummy routes for the PM's convoy from that of Manmohan Singh due to the difference in their threat perception.

The SPG is also likely to have the Air India One, the call-sign of any aircraft carrying the Prime Minister of India, to suit the security assessment and travel needs of Narendra Modi who is known to be a frequent traveler for work purposes. The BMW 750Li Range Starts From 1.40 Crores and yet for the answer we dont have to wait Much we will know the answer regarding the choice of Modi New car Tomorrow. Do Tell Us on our comment Section. How much do you Like our PMOindia latest BMW Legacy car.

[Update]: Yup Thats Right Our Very Own PM Narendra Modi has Chosen His Drive that will be Non other than BMW 750Li, the new PM was seen arriving in a BMW-760Li high-security limousine on his first day at work in South Block, New Delhi. Narendra Modi Previously seen arriving in Scorpio at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi During The Pledge and that was prove to be the Last Drive of Scorpio For Modi and Now he Chooses to be the Pride Rider Of BMW 7 Series Car. One Should Know that its Not in hand of PM that to Choose his Pride of Ride, Its the Security Governance Head who Decide which Car will Suit the Necessity Of Safety For PM and BMW did it over Scorpio.

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