Friday, 27 June 2014

Akhilesh Yadav chooses Mercedes M-Guard and Land Cruiser 200 as their Ride of Pride

There is a deep relationship between Indian Minister and their ‘Pride of Ride’ Meanwhile Narendra Modi Recently asked theirs Ministers to Stop Buying New Luxury car and advise them to use their previous car for their Work. So, what if Central Government is unable to buy new luxuries car but this will not stop State Government to buy New Luxury car for their CM, recently Akhilesh yadav has added their name in the List.

 As Per the News UP Government has chosen Mercedes M-Guard Luxuries SUV and 2 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 for the Safety of CM Akhilesh Yadav to be added In the line-up and this will Cost UP Government about Rs 5 Crore

The SUV is the latest addition to the extensive Mercedes-Benz ‘Guard’ range, which now includes the S-, E-, G- and M-Class. It has competition back home from BMW and Audi, which also have armoured sedans and off-roaders such as the X5 and the Q series respectively.

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According to the company, the M-Guard meets the VR4 protection level in BRV 2009 testing guidelines for special-protection vehicles. Driving the car, however, requires special training as its handling is nothing like typical roar-ready vehicles. Armouring makes the M-Guard 385 kg heavier than the ML Class.

The M-Guard is based off the ML-Class SUV but has been strengthened and reinforced to the pint that it can sustain serious levels of gun fire and keep its precious cargo safe. It has a quite a unique feature that with a touch of button the car Body raises upto 60mm. It also can sense if the driving is sleeping and if it so it raises the alarm.

The capability to withstand fire upto Resistance Level VR4 (covers handguns upto Clint Eastwood’s preferred gun – the .44 Magnum) the car requires some serious reinforcement. Under what appears to be a standard ML lies a comprehensively redeveloped chassis with retuned electronics to handle the considerably added bulk. The tyres themselves are run-flat types with reinforced side walls that can take the car’s full weight even when deflated. This allows the car to be driven for a certain distance to escape the zone of fire. The body structure itself has been reinforced at several stress points with a combination of glass, steel and high density plastics. The glass used for the greenhouse is a special sandwich structure that is highly resistant to impact and remains shatterproof thanks to an a additional polycarbonate inner layer.

Armoured vehicles like this often way more than double of their traditional counterparts. Dealing with the M-Guard’s bulk is a 4.7-litre V8 producing 408PS which is good for a 6.5 second run to 100kmph – quick enough to get away from the baddies. Paired to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the drive is sent to all four wheels via Merc’s 4MATIC system. The cost for this protection and opulence? Rs 2.49crore ex Delhi, or about four times the cost of a regular M-Class

Toyota Land Cruiser 200


The legendary Land Cruiser, a truly dominant 4WD vehicle, has been routinely taming the wildest terrains on earth for over 50 years. In the process, it has become an essential part of the lives of a wide variety of people around the world. The legend continues with the new Land Cruiser, the natural successor to the line and a continuing symbol of strength and reliability.

The Land Cruiser 200 comes with 4.5-litre Diesel Engine [1VD-FTV] 6-speed automatic transmission. It also support unique feature just Like Mercedes as it has “Call Control”it refers to the adjustment of the Axle on the appearing of Sudden Bumps. Its also Comes with 10 airbag and its also a Bullet Proof SUV too. The most Innovative feature is a ‘Electronic Brake Force Distribution’ in which at a time of sudden brake you will not be force to dive forward like an ordinary car because it divert all the Forces equally to the 4 tyres not only 2 tyres which mainly an ordinary car do. It can cost you For Rs 1.25 crores. 

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