Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Extend Your Reach with Selfie Stick For Perfect Selfie Shot

Remember that famous selfie taken at the Oscars that crashed Twitter? "If only Bradley Cooper's arm was longer" - went the caption when Oscar-host Ellen DeGeneres posted it - he could have fitted all the celebrities into the photograph. Now, there is a solution - the selfie stick. Are You crazy about Selfie, then this Device is Made Exclusively For You.

It also known as a monopod, the device lets users extend their reach while taking photos of themselves. And with "selfie" being last year's "word of the year", a stick that helps you take these photos has become the latest hot item, say shops that sell them here.

“It’s called a selfie stick,” explains Diana Hemas Sari, a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Indonesia. She’s holding an extendable metal wand that has a blue plastic handle at one end and her white Samsung smartphone clipped to the other.

The sticks can be directly attached to a compact camera or a clamp - sometimes sold separately - to hold a mobile phone. A larger clamp can hold a small tablet. Set your smartphone camera on a timer or activate it remotely via Bluetooth, and say cheese to yours Friends and Snap on.

Adventurous #Selfie
Using a selfie stick is way easier than bugging a stranger to take a photo of you and your friends. Plus, strangers never know to take the photo at that flattering, slightly-tilted-down angle that makes selfies just so darn attractive.

Depending on the model, some monopods will manually press the shutter button on the side of phone using an arm, or similar, while others connect remotely via Bluetooth and take the photo using software controls. The best Part Is You can Buy it For Less Than Rs 500 (US $7).  Search #selfiestick on social media, and you’ll find some great examples of what this unbelievable device can do

You can Buy it From Amazon at here:- Monopod Selfie Stick

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