Friday, 6 June 2014

Violations of Traffic Lights will lead to driving License Cancellation

The Government is planning major reforms in the Motor Vehicles Act after a traffic violation resulted in the death of senior cabinet minister Gopinath Munde on Tuesday. Now Government  is in the Mood To made Strict Traffic Rules.

India reported 4.9 lakh road accidents in 2013 with a death toll of 1.38 lakh. As many as 5.09 lakh persons were injured in road accidents during the year. 

“The Motor Vehicle Act will be amended for standard safety. We will order all manufacturers of heavy vehicles to cover the rear side of heavy vehicles, so that no small vehicle crashes in. If anyone violates road rules for more than three times then his Driving Licence to be suspended for 6 months and after that permanent cancellation for any further violations, A National Road Safety Council will be formed in a month’s time and we plan to monitor road violations with the help of automated camera units,” said Gadkari.

The new bill is likely to include measures such as installing CCTV cameras at all traffic signals and centralising data to check misuse of driving licences. The government will study traffic safety norms in six countries – America, Japan, UK, Germany, Singapore and Canada before implementing reforms in India. The government among other key reforms is looking for a plan where a traffic light can be connected to a server, which will have the option to suspend a driving licence in the event of three traffic light violations.

Stressing upon the need to overhaul the entire traffic network through advanced IT systems, Gadkari told reporters here the previous bill was mainly focused on "man-made implementation" which "I think is not practical."

The draft bill will be placed before the National Road Safety Council in a month where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be invited, he said, adding that stakeholders' suggestions would be incorporated in the bill.

It is however appalling that it took a senior ministers death for the government to wake up and think about making these amends. In our country where a person dies every 3 minutes in a road related accident and almost as much as half the equivalent population of countries such as Maldives or Iceland is wiped out in our country every year.

We at Gadget Lite Blog Request our readers Please abide the traffic rules and set examples for other road users to follow.

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