Thursday, 3 July 2014

Grand Theft Auto V Comes in Real World thanks to Madrid Filmmakers

Well after Posting about GTA V Game Release on PC in our Article. We bring you once again an excitement News About GTA V. GTA is among the popular Game in the world as we know this, have you Wonder How Grand Theft Auto would look like in Real or in a Movie. That’s right a group of Spanish filmmakers called Zapruder Films have recreated the first GTA V teaser trailer frame-by-frame in live action.

The trailer was released in 2011, and the live-action remake has recreated absolutely every detail, right down to the characters’ clothing. The only difference however is that instead of Vinewood, the live action trailer is based in Madrid. The whole experience is quite surreal and the filmmakers have even put the original trailer in the bottom left corner for reference.

Rockstar Games was quite impressed with the trailer and tweeted the link to the video saying, “Awesome! The very first #GTAV trailer recreated shot-for shot, IRL by @zaprudertweets in their native Madrid”

That’s Really awesome & Realistic video made by Spanish Filmmaker with their Creativity and their Hard work, I will rate this video 10 on 10. Check out the live action trailer embedded below, and the original GTA V trailer under that and tell us how would you rate this video in Comment Section.

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