Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Xiaomi Mi3 Sold Out in 5 second in India: So What Went Wrong ?

Its Look like Day-by-day its becoming Mission Impossible to buy Mi3 for Xiaomi fans. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has claimed that its Mi 3 smartphone went out of stock in just 5 seconds, the second time when it was put up on sale on Flipkart today. Last week, it had taken 39 minutes for the stock to finish when Mi3 was first put on sale by the company.

We Previously told you that there will be 5,000 units to be available for first sale and today we revealed the number of units which was available for today sale was 10,400 units.

In the first round of sales, as many as 1 lakh people had registered for the device on Flipkart, but only a few successfully managed to get one. In the second round, the registration was close to 1.5 lakhs for Xiaomi mi3.

What Went Wrong ?: The Xiaomi Mi 3 was available on Flipkart at 2PM  today and the e-commerce site has asked its users to be online two to three hours in advance. At 2PM registered users will be able to reserve one unit of the Mi 3. The difference this time is that you don’t need to pay for it immediately. If you remember, the payment page was what kept throwing up the error message last week. Well the people who are using Flipkart Android aap were more Successful then PC users that why it went out of Stock and Lucky PC user were able to Book their Device.

The better way to have more chances of becoming Mi3 owner is that you choose Flipkart android app and make your order successfully. Secondly, try to avoid online payment that’s the time when Flipkart sites Crashes and you might skip the chance to buy it, So always choose Cash on Delivery option that’s why only Flipkart ask their user to make payment after 15 minute after adding mi3 in your cart. But what matter the most is your timing, So logged in before Sale starts and hit the button on time. Now you know what to do and what Not to do, Best of Luck for Next Sale its registrations for the third sale will open later today at 6:00PM and will go on Sale on 5th August. Share your experience in comment section

NOTE: Xiaomi has now tweaked the "rules" for the next "flash sale", which is scheduled for August 5. Even those who have previously registered to buy the smartphone will have to register again starting 6 pm on July 29.

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