Monday, 18 August 2014

In Picture: Xiaomi New MIUI 6 Skin is to be heavily Inspired by IOS 7

Xiaomi, as promised at the Mi 4 smartphone's launch, unveiled the next version of its MIUI user interface, MIUI 6, on Saturday at an event in Beijing, China. The latest version of its popular custom Android UI, bringing a design change that will have more than a few people thinking of iOS 7

According to Xiaomi, the MIUI 6 brings a number of improvements and optimisations and is in line with the current trend of flatter design.  Xiaomi claims that it wants to give the best user experience with MIUI 6 and for the same, it has removed unnecessary distractions from the UI and notes that this will help the users in focussing on the right things in the right place, when they need them.

The company, also referred to as 'China's Apple', defined the new Android skin as "the best MIUI ever." However, as numerous industry pundits have pointed out, the new MIUI version noticeably takes a lot of design inspiration from Apple's iOS 7 and the newly announced iOS 8 smartphone and tablet operating systems

The Chinese handset maker announced that the MIUI 6 is currently in beta testing with over 1,000 beta testers. Starting with the transparent, through-the-glass looks of backgrounds and wallpapers, going through the similar, flat style and single-color backdrop for icons, and finishing off with the appearance of apps like the calendar, compass, timer, calculator, and so on that are a nearly identical copy of their Apple counter-parts.

The lockscreen has changed as well. MIUI 6 shows you the number of pending notifications on the lock screen and users can get to the app showing it directly by pulling up on the number. Xiaomi has also added non-intrusive notifications for incoming calls and messages when you are already doing some other task.

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MIUI 6 supports moving apps by holding on the app and switch screens. It has the most convenient icons organizing method, supports batch organize and delete icons. MIUI 6 also brings a revamped camera app that will allow swipe down to switch between front and back camera, swipe left to launch menu panel, and swipe right to launch filters

Some other additions on the MIUI 6 include new Linux kernel and RAM optimisation techniques; new power-saving features to adjust the standby time of the device; 10GB free Mi Cloud storage space for storing images, contacts, messages, call logs and more, and the redesigned Mail app.

The Xiaomi will begin testing MIUI 6 on the Mi 2, Mi 2S, Mi 2A, Redmi 1S, and Redmi Note by the end of this year, and updates for these devices can be expected to be rolled-out by next year. As per the developer MIUI 6 will roll out in October probably for Mi3.  Whatever you call Xiaomi copy-cat or anything else but there UI is better than IOS as you are getting IOS customization for fractional Less price + Glory of the Playstore which is missing in IOS. Do checkout the our Exclusive News For Android L Update for Xiaomi