Sunday, 21 September 2014

Datawind to Introduce a Smartphone with Free Lifetime Internet for Rs 2000

What, you don’t believe? Sometimes Internet bills passes Rs 1000 Mark and here Datawind is giving you Free Lifetime Internet browsing and that too only Rs 2000.  The company plans to launch the device before Diwali

"We are looking forward to launch our Rs 2,000 smartphone and few other devices before Diwali and intent is to double our sales by the end of this calender year," Datawind Executive Vice President Rupinder Singh said 

The idea doesn’t sound commercially viable, but the OEM has apparently got three telecom brands to listen to its idea anyway. No names have been revealed because Datawind’s Executive Vice President Rupinder Singh, appears to be reluctant to spill them until the respective deals are inked.

Datawind currently offers three smartphones and 5 tablets under its portfolio and is selling 40,000-50,000 devices every month. The company is known for its low cost Aakash tablet for students, in 2011 Datawind had won a contract to supply 1 lakh units of Aakash tablets priced at Rs 2500 (approx) each. However the project generated a lot of controversy and the company was asked to make better versions of the tablet. 

It will run on Android of course, and fit into a 3.5-inch form factor. The company plans to launch it before Diwali is upon us. Its specification still not confirmed but we can expect decent specification datawind with 256 Mb Ram and 3 Mp camera and 512 Rom and dont expect too Much.

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