Thursday, 25 September 2014

Xiaomi Announces Bluetooth Game Controller For Mi Devices

When everybody is crazy about smart watches, Xiaomi has done things a little differently, the company has just announced its first Bluetooth Gamepad for its Mi products, the controller looks very much like a Xbox controller and is powered by two AA batteries. While Android gaming hasn’t been really popular and gaming controllers aren’t cheap, Xiaomi is apparently trying to take Android gaming to the next level to compete with its competition.

Well this device can work like a charm in Mipad and can take you in whole new Gaming Experience with NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 chipset Technology, with it the Gaming experience in Mipad will be double. One think is clear that this device will support all Mi device from Mi3, Redmi 1s, Mipad to MiTv but still not clear will it support the devices other than Xiaomi.

Going through pictures of the device gives you a feeling of looking at morphed pictures of an Xbox controller. Xiaomi is known for selling its products at ridiculously low prices, or as Mario Puzo would say, Xiaomi often ‘makes an offer you can’t refuse‘

There are not too many details available about the Bluetooth device for now, but Xiaomi does have a special introductory offer price tag (their ultimate wild card) for this one as well. The first 300 buyers will be able to purchase the controller for just 1 Yuan, which when converted is Rs 10 in Indian monies. 

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Game Controller goes on sale on the 25th of September in China. We know that this will be get snapped up in less than a second once it becomes available, will this controller be eventually hacked for gaming consoles like Xbox or the Playstation 4? Well we can predict that it can cost up between Rs 500 to Rs 1000  ( just like piston earphone ) 

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