Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Exclusive: The truth about Flipkart, "The Big Billion Day" Revealed

The “Big Billion Day” goes Successful for the Flipkart but Unsuccessful for their customer. 'The Big Billion Day' was full of surprises for the rush of online shoppers most of whom were left disappointed as the servers crashed from the moment the sale was kicked-off early morning on Monday. There was huge disappointment and a sense of being cheated and the social media was agog with stories of dropped orders of "Flopkart". There are some hidden truth about “The Big Billion day” which we Finally Revealed it….

After the poor user Experience in “Big Billion Day” the founder of Flipkart Sachin and Binni submitted the apologized letter to their Customer. Flipkart claims 1.5 million users shopped on its site that day. Flipkart also claims that’s billion hits on their site and achieved our 24-hour sales target of $100 mn (600 crore) in gross merchandise value (GMV) in just 10 hours, Wow! That the Magical hours.  On Moday the Flickering of the Product Prices from low to high continuous which tend to place the confusion between the consumer and their orders being cancelled for that cause. 

According to Economics times, Flipkart still going under utter confusion about the total orders received in “The Big Billion Day”. According to it Flipkart Managed to get 12 lakhs orders which is said to be twice as per their Expectation. Binni wrote different letter to their Employs requested them to Solve all their Customer problems in time and help them to get their delivery on time. Flipkart Logistic department has advised, “The Big Billion day” Customers to be ready for the delays of their products and also that delay can be stretch upto 1 Month. 

We have not given licence to any other E-Commerce site (other than our Online store) in India to Sale our Products. If Consumer tends to buy our Products from other E-Commerce website then we will be not be held Responsible for it. In that case we are not likely to give Additional services as well as any warranty on it. Advisory given by LG Electronics

Here, Flipkart came to rescue and Promised to their Consumer that the products of LG, Sony, Canon etc are Genuine and our customer will get all the Warranty and Services on LG Products Selling though from are Website. 

Sony is also disappointed with the Huge Discount Given by the Flipkart on their products as its Tends to Damage their Reputation as a Brand Conscious Company and I too agree with this as because Huge discount sometime damages the Image of the Brand which signifies that the company in trouble for selling its product or they just lower their service & quality and they are getting less consumer in comparison to their Competitor and at last their competitors gets the Benefit. Sony also promised that in future they are not likely to repeat this thing, So no more huge discount.  

Amazon India has also announced a 'Diwali Dhamaka Week' that kicks off from 8 October in India. It may seem a bit premature to say that the Flipkart scenario will repeat in Amazon's Diwali Dhamaka Week, but you are advised to be alert before participating in the sale.

[Update]: The top consumer goods players such as Samsung, Sony and LG, some of whom have suspended fresh sales to the online retailer and are even considering legal action for what they term as "predatory pricing" against Flipkart. Some companies have decided to suspend supplies to Flipkart till the time they get an undertaking that prices will not be slashed to "unrealistic" levels.

LG, the consumer appliances major, has decided to not deal with the e-retailers at all. "We do not deal with them directly, and they are not our authorized trade partners," Sanjeev Agarwal, VP (sales) at LG Electronics India, told TOI

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