Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Your Privacy could be in the Risk with this Common App: Developers set them free from these allegation

The News which is trending the Most is about Xiaomi threat to your Privacy pointed out by IAF, I am using Redmi 1s so is it threat to your privacy, seriously not at all but what about your Smartphone it can be a threat to your Privacy if you use third party app which is used frequently like.....

Millions of people are being spied on by free apps they have installed on their mobile phones. If you use a flashlight app on your phone, you might want to check the things it is permitted to do on your device, as a security firm has revealed that top free flashlight apps on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone stores could be spying on their users.

The flashlight apps that are primarily advertised to let users use phone’s flash sensors as torch, might be secretly recording your sensitive personal information – including location of the phone, content of the text messages, as well as details of the owner and contact, and selling it to market research and advertising companies for tracking users’ habits. There is also a good possibility that these apps were developed by vicious minds in order to take advantage of your data.

The suspected apps include, Super Bright LED flashlight, Brightest Flashlight Free, Tiny Flashlight + LED, Flashlight, Brightest LED Flashlight, Color Flashlight, High Powered Flashlight, Flashlight HD LED and Flashlight: LED Torchlight are listed below. The most popular flashlight apps for Android smartphones have been downloaded tens of millions of times. 

Google does force all the app makers to list the things their app will be accessing, however, normal users don’t really care about checking for such things, which are often buried deep down in the license agreement. Previously, Federal Trade Commission puts the maker of Brightest flashlight guilty on charges that the app “deceived consumers” into sharing location data with advertisers.

It is also important to us about the opinion of flashlight developers, so we present it exclusively for you, the identity will be kept secret. He has a very clear in thought that all the allegations were useless but he was unable to explain why his app have a long list of permissions accessing different information provided by the OS such as Gallery, GPS, approximate location, messaging apps etc . He was clear about that the developers  does not sell consumer related information to the third parties as per law authorities it is prohibited in their country, If he tried to do so then as a punishment he  will be send to a place where he won't be allowed to take any smartphone with him. He Explain some of the permissions like this 
  • take pictures and video (this is the CAMERA permission). Used to activate the camera flash.
  • full network access - used for showing ads from Google's Admob
  • view network connections - again for Google's Admob. This permission allows the ads code to detect whether you are on wifi or data. If you are on data the ad requests will be reduced to save you bandwidth.

It has been noted that the pre-installed flashlight function on iPhone as well as in Xiaomi is safe, however it warned that the third-party apps on Windows Phone Store and Apple’s App Store could also be indulging in such activities.

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