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In Picture: India first Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant is now faded away in the Dust

Yesterday there was a celebration for the Salman khan family and in other world INS Vikrant taking his last breath being broken up into pieces as its Services our Over and Indian Navy Seal doesn’t want it any more. Its was the one of the First aircraft carrier for India, which was built for the British Royal Navy as HMS Hercules in 1943 and which saw action during the

India-Pakistan war in 1971, is being finally broken up after a glorious history of 71 years making them sad who had their felling and Glory Lying beneath them wanted to say its to early you are still young enough to take all the Burden and would find you way by cutting Outrageous Waves.

The HMS Hercules, a Majestic-class light fleet aircraft carrier, was built Oct 14, 1943, commissioned in the British Royal Navy in 1945 and bought by India in 1957. Vikrant was auctioned to a ship-breaker for Rs 63 crore this year. Mumbai's IB Commercials Pvt Ltd won the bid on January 29 and bought the vessel on April 9. Since then, the company faced hurdles as a PIL filed in the Bombay high court towards the end of 2013 proceeded to the Supreme Court.

A Woman Captures INS Vikrant in her Mobile for the last time before it dig into history
Many proposals, including converting it into a permanent museum for future generations, failed to materialise due to varied reasons, chiefly due to financial constraints. Save Vikrant Committee chief Kiran Paigankar, who had filed the PIL to save the ship, termed it "a sad day in the country's glorious maritime history". He said it was unfortunate that the process to expedite the end of Vikrant was initiated by the Indian Navy which once considered the vessel its 'pride'. 

A sleek, 192-metre-long vessel, the gigantic vessel with a displacement of 20,000 tonnes, a draught of 24 feet, and could sail at a speed of 43 km per hour with a range of 22,000 km was commissioned in the Indian Navy Feb 16, 1959. It saw action during the 1971 India-Pakistan war and was finally decommissioned Jan 31, 1997. It served as a maritime museum till 2004 after retiring in 2001

INS Vikrant, as she was rechristened after India bought her, saw her finest hour a decade later when she played a significant role in the 1971 war which saw the birth of Bangladesh. The most powerful ship of the Indian Navy then, she quickly caught the public imagination and became its most famous and popular vessel.

Indian Navy Captain Pritam Singh was her first commander. For her exciting service full of wartime thrills and action, especially during the 1971 war, INS Vikrant was awarded two Mahavir Chakras and 12 Vir Chakras.

"A team of around 200 people has been deployed to dismantle and break down the ship after we completed all legal and technical formalities and secured all requisite clearances from the agencies concerned," IB Commercials Pvt. Ltd. director Abdul Karim Jaka told IANS from the ship-breaking yard No.10 at Powder Bunder in southeast Mumbai.

The process, which started Thursday with the first blow hammered on her front portion, is expected to be completed within seven-eight months, Jaka said Friday. It’s a beautiful part of history don’t let fade it away like this. We treasure this Memory with our Newly 500 members on our facebook page.

You can still see it in the Diary of History here - HMS Hercules  

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