Wednesday, 12 November 2014

World Most Expensive Proposal with 99 iPhone 6 worth Rs 50 Lakhs, Gets Rejected

What can be better present than iPhone for your Gf ? Think again because this Girl dumped a Boy and his 99 iPhone proposal seriously heart breaking everyone one present there, but it shows that Women are not a material to buy. In China, a programmer tried to step his love life up a notch by proposing to his girlfriend through giving her 99 pieces of iPhone 6. Sadly, the grand proposal turned into

Apparently, according to local reports, the love-struck guy spent the equivalent of Rs 50 lakhs on 99 iPhone 6 smartphones, and proposed to his girlfriend while standing in the middle of the carefully arranged iPhone-heart shaped carefully making look like a wall of Heart putting it one Over another , holding a bunch of flowers. The answer was no.

Well if you look picture closely he also tried to make expensive environment near about it with plenty of BMW, Mercedes and Bentley as seen in picture.   

There are no details on why she turned the iPhone fan down, but it could be she preferred 100 iPhone instead of 99, or didn’t think spending the rest of her life with a man who had just happily spent what the average Chinese worker earns in 17 years would be a good idea. Regardless, that leaves the presumably now single man with a lot of Apple iPhones. Still, at least they are in their boxes, so selling them off shouldn’t be difficult. At Last we can only say that, He just wasn't the Apple of her eye.

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