Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Xiaomi Redmi Series to get even More Cheaper than your Imagination as low as $65

After reporting you the Details of New 9.2inch budget MiPad we bring you hot news about Xiaomi again. It’s Looks like Xiaomi doesn’t want to stop at any “cost” yup at this cheap Cost of Redmi Series, Xiaomi still not influenced by and wanted to make even cheaper without doing much compromise in its Quality.

Xiaomi are currently in talks with Chinese chip maker Leadcore, for a deal which would see the Beijing based phone maker take a 51% controlling stake in the semiconductor company. It is expected that with the inclusion of these chips, the price of Redmi phones might go even further down.

Xiaomi presently uses Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets in its handsets. It’s the power of the snapdragon line of chipsets that has given a boost to Xiaomi to take on the world market. Its inclusion of high-quality equipment even on its lower-end devices has created a trust factor amongst its present and future customers.

There is also a great news for the potential consumers with this development. With Leadcore chips under their belt, the Redmi line of devices can see a major price cut. The phones are expected to lose as much as Rs. 2,000 off their price tag. The device will then truly become disruptive for the market and may cause loads of worry for the competitors.

Current the flagship Leadcore LC1860 chip is believed to be in testing for the Redmi range. This processor was announced in May of this year and can boasts upto 2K resolution and powerful upto 2Ghz hexa core processor currently in works for Redmi Note and LC1860C for Redmi 1s with 4G Supported that can enchase new experience in Redmi Series. It International market Redmi 1s can cost as low as $65.

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