Wednesday, 31 December 2014

India to write Next Chapter of Internet with Google Fibre at 1Gbps of Flash Speed

Internet speed is one of the most discussed topics in India when two or more friends meet. The complain about today’s Internet in India is likely YouTube videos not getting streamed, uploading work files taking more than couple of hours, Online games freeze in between and more over but Google is the only solution to this, I am not talking about search engine but Fiber Fire Engine….

The search giant has been in talks with the IT ministry in the country to bring its Internet service as part of the ongoing Digital India program. First showcased in 2012, Google Fiber is one of the fastest commercial Internet and TV service. It offers 1000Mbps (1Gbps) download and upload speeds, which is more than 500 times faster than the average Internet connection speeds that is 1.7Mbps in India.

One of the key issues being discussed is whether the internet giant can do the project without having to acquire a telecom license. Internet penetration is key for Google if it wants to reach the next billion consumers. 

Google has rolled a similar programme in the US called Google Fiber where it provides broadband internet and television to a small area. The project was initially launched in Kansas City and in February 2014, Google announced that it will expand the service to 34 other cities in the US. 

One of the major hurdles Google will have to overcome to bring Fiber in India is licenses. In India, any ISP who wishes to provide broadband services needs to get licenses which are auctioned. Prices for these licenses can often shoot up during such auctions. Another alternative is Google could also partner existing ISPs like BSNL to start its services or can move forward without license if our government allows it.

How to get Google Fiber @ your home?

Is that not simple to get it for your home as Google chooses the locality as per the requirement or demand of High speed of Internet. Residents of each of these areas can preregister for Google Fiber, for $10 (Rs600) and once they hit a critical mass (about 40-80 homes) they will be approved for installation. The more people that sign up in a given area, the faster they will get their installation. And once the installation happens residents can pay for fiber internet, but government buildings, libraries, and schools will get gigabit internet for free.

Google Fiber being in your fiberhood doesn’t mean you automatically get it. You’ll have to pay for a plan (more on that later) and you’ll also have to pay for a last-mile fiber installation. This will run the fiber from the street to your home and get the fiber box installed. The one-time fee for this will be $300.

Plans: Now Internet is free of Cost; after the fiber installation in your home you can just relax and surf high speed Internet for free.  Not everyone can afford gigabit internet, but Google thinks everyone should have broadband. In order to get people up to speed they are offering a free 5Mbps down/1Mbps up internet for up to 7 years. Subscribers will just need to pay for installation $300(Rs18000) , or $25(Rs1500) a month for the first year. 

Well For your Information Airtel collaborated with Tata communication to provide 100Mbps speed to its user and charger Rs 5000 with 150GB limitation and after that 512kbps speed!  You can join us on our #Chat Community to your Left side.

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