Friday, 19 December 2014

Must Watch: Google India Celebrate with the unsung heroes of online shopping with #SpecialDelivery

Google did something really special for the Delivery man who makes sure you get all your stuff on time. Celebrating the unsung heroes of online shopping who make sure that you get your parcel infact the box of happiness in time without any delay. Check out what Google did for them in this video, it will surely bring smile to your face seeing them happy.

During GOSF 2014, India’s most popular online shopping festival, Google decided to thank the nameless, unsung heroes of the e-commerce industry: the delivery men. Google gifted the Box of Happiness to them who threw their Life carry out the boxes for other, there smile tell that they never though that this day will also come in their Life. Google Gifted fancy Helmet with their Names on it.  Do share this beautiful video with your friend its Worth it!  #SpecialDelivery: Say thank you to people who bring happiness.