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Xclusive: Xiaomi MiTV 2 Launch Schedule & its Pricing Revealed; Watch MiTV 2 takes on #IceBucketChallenge

We are back again after, OnePlus finalizing the price quoted by Gadget Lite and we already told you that Xiaomi is working on its Electric Car now bringing you the Exclusive News you are waiting for on Xiaomi MiTv were all your Question will be answered but before that what does makes MiTv so much popular and in demand lets check it out….

Xiaomi offers two SmartTv as 47inch MiTv with 3D and 50inch Mitv UHD pretty impressive know. Lets First talk about its 47inch 3D Mitv which looks a bit like an Apple iMac with its metallic lower edge. It powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor running at 1.7GHz (I hope its dosent heat up like their phone we want a Tv not Microwave on our wall) further Moving on 2GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. It even claims an "easy to use" remote with 11 buttons and Bluetooth.

Xiaomi SmartTv is assembled by Wistron (who apparently also makes TVs for Sony), and it'll come in six colors for the aluminium faceplate. The body boasts an 8.4mm bezel plus 2mm to 4.8cm thickness thanks to LG's IPS and Samsung's SVA panels. It Support Full HD 1080P Resolution with Dolby Stereo and DTS for a perfect sound.

The saddest part is that it still run on Android 4.2 Jeallybean but there is nothing to worry as Xiaomi will provide seamless update on it and don’t forget its comes with two free pairs of 3D glasses. The MiTv comes with Ethernet port, VGA port, HDMI port USB port.

Xiaomi MiTV 2 4K UHD

The Second Generation Mi TV2 stand out from the fact that it comes with a UHD 4K resolution, but also the fact that it is actually a big tablet/computer in itself.

The high-resolution of 3840 x 2160 the set itself is just 15.5cm thick and has a crazy slim bezel of just 6.2mm. Beyond that stunning panel is a MediaTek MStar quad-core CPU clocked at 1.45 Ghz with 2GB of RAM powering the MIUI TV software. Controlling this TV is made easy with the included Bluetooth LE remote which has gesture support or you can simply use a remote app on your phone. The software on the MiTV 2 will give you info on what you’re watching, pulled from the Internet and you can use Bluetooth controllers to play Android games on your set as well.

MiTV 2 is so thin at just 15.5cm thick, the 8-speaker soundbar and subwoofer are separated from the set, but can also be used with your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth. 8GB of storage is included with the TV but a microSD card slot can provide up to 64GB of storage. It runs on a 1.45GHz quad-core MStar 6A918 processor from Mediatek and has a Mali450-MP4 graphics process and 2GB of RAM.

The MiTV 2 comes with a 120 Watt subwoofer and an eight-speaker sound bar. Sounds good? Wait, there’s more. They are connected wirelessly to the TV, so there’s no need to have wires running all over your living room either. Yes, and the remote is connected using bluetooth technology, so you don’t have to ‘point’ the device at the TV to make it heard. The remote also comes with voice search that comes in handy when surfing youtube or searching for videos on the local drive.

Recently the whole world Indulge in #IceBucketChallenge for the Noble Cause plenty of them taken this challenge and faint off after the cold ice water fainted on them but we never thought that Xiaomi Mitv will also take on this Challenge not only Mitv 2 Accepted this challenge but also Stand out after Cold Ice water in a working condition but Remember its not water-proof so never try it after buying it.  

The First MiTV 2 In India at Mi Service Center Bangalore
Xiaomi MiTv Impress us with its Spect but might disappoint with the pricing (as seeing their history 
and perfections for their customer) If Xiaomi decides to go for a content-based model, the TV could be priced as low as Rs 40,000. The actual price of the MiTV2 is Rs 40,000 in China, but adds the transportation costs of around Rs 5,000 and import-related duties and taxes including import Duty 10% and VAT 0% Landing charges (1% CIF), Countervailing duty (10% (CIFD + Landing charges)), CESS (3% (Duty + Countervailing duty)), Additional Countervailing Duty (4% (CIFD + Landing charges + Countervailing duty + CESS)) which is close to 30% plus sales tax, the actual price of the product comes to around Rs 60,000. You’ll say that’s Not Cheap but let’s look at what is the current state of the 50-inch (or more) UHD or 4K TV market in India. The cheapest available model is one from Mitashi, which costs around Rs 1 lakh. Videocon is next, with a price tag of around Rs 1.1 lakh.

There is only one UHD 4K TV available on Flipkart, and that is the Samsung 55HU9000 priced at Rs 3.03 lakhs. Now, we don’t know whether the MiTV too will be subsidized to the same extent that the Mi3 was. Xiaomi officials have said in August that the company wants to have content partnerships in place in India before the launch of the TV here, which indicates that Xiaomi might actually decide to sell the TV at a lower price and try to make money on the content.

If a similar subsidy level is maintained (which is unlikely), the TV could be sold for as low as just Rs 55,000. But if Xiaomi opted for Flash sale in flipkart it will be priced as low as Rs 40,000. Flipkart does not deliver TVs to all the cities, and a launch of the Xiaomi model is also likely to be restricted by the ability to ship large-sized TVs intact that might be a loss for Xiaomi. Consedering the price Recently Chinese Company Vu launched the Cheapest 4K Ultra Smart tv at Rs 80,000

No Need Of Remote works Fine with your Smartphone
If we talked about 47inch Mitv 3D which is priced Rs 25000 in china could be sold in India after import-related duties and taxes including Rs 35,000 and After Subsidize it can cost to near about Rs 30000. If we talked about its launched date according to Hugo Barra Interview given to Forbes Asia he stated that Sometime between April and June in coming year. Hugo barra have some difficulty launch in India due to the logistics and various licensing issues but we hope content partnerships would help to reduce its price. You can Join & share your view or Chat us on this topic while using By #Chat widget
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