Friday, 9 January 2015

Xiaomi Next flagship device could be a Ferrari, likely to launch on 15 Jan

We are not taking about the word fastest car or related to Ferrari, Here we are talking about Xiaomi Next Flagship device which Xiaomi can add as a World Fastest Selling phone. “Ferrari” name is enough and the beauty which it holds underneath it.

Xiaomi Currently working on two Brand New Flagship devices that are Xiaomi Ferrari phone and the second the next Mi phone will be the thinnest to date. Xiaomi Ferrari has been leaked way back in December but that time it was Hard to believe as Hardly two of a Xiaomi Devices were sailing on a Kitkat and other were trying hard to get kitkat and this device is coming up Android Lollipop but another leak has proven that this device well exist.

The Geekbench benchmarks (ran alongside the Meizu m1 note) shows Ferrari to be powered by a 1.65Ghz Snapdragon 615 chipset with 2GB RAM running on Latest Android 5.0. It is also said that it will be thinnest under 5mm.  If I have to put my money on I will defiantly put this below image as a Xiaomi Ferrari as you can see at the tip that it has a slimmest dimension as well as under 5mm. The below device flaunts 5.5inch Screen well equipped with 720p display.   

Other leak, Chinese tech site MyDrivers, uncovered that Xiaomi are currently running a mystery smartphone through the TENAA documentation process. TENAA listing has a battery size of just 2000mAh. Xiaomi 2014910 (model number) with 2,000mah battery which seems fit for such a thin phone like 4.7mm (similar to what Oppo R5 offered) 

Well the problem with such thin devices is that, they’re usually quite awkward to hold and their battery life isn’t the best, so they don’t really appeal to buyers but Xiaomi has a potential to change these things by providing reasonable price to their Flagship device. Do tell us in our #by Chat section that the device shown above will be the next Flagship device for Xiaomi.

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