Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Revealed: Meet Atul Kapoor the Face Behind Bigg Boss Voice

Well if you think that after Gautam Gulati wining the Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol trophy will end the surprises or wrap up the entertainment well there is no sought of entrainment left after the end but one Question still Left up Who is the Big Boss ? Where is he from? So are you still finding the answer from 8 years, well the surprisingly we have the answer to your question…..

The real man behind the Bigg Boss voice is a voice over artist Atul Kapoor who has been working for the Bigg Boss since years. Atul’s voice is so stern and tough that leaves contestants in fear when they are miss behaving. While Bigg Boss contestants are familiar with the voice as well as with the face behind that voice we have been listening since years.

He is just not only famous for his Voice, but are also known for amazing restraint. Atul Kapoor liked by the people who have spent several days in the Bigg Boss house. 

Atul gets to stay in a special secret room to monitor all the Bigg Boss contestants throughout seasons.

Journey to Bigg Boss house – Atul come from an ordinary background, He particularly belongs to Lucknow [U.P](my hometown too) Atul completed his studies from Colvin Taluqdars' College. 

Previously Atul worked as a Flight attender from where his life changes. One day a very known producer & Director travelling in a flight were Atul Kapoor was a flight attender, when the produce & Director has listen his Voice for the first time in the flight while announcement. He decided at that moment to take him back to Mumbai to make him Rising Voice over Artist from that time we are hearing him till now and now we know who is behind this Voice.

Looking at the pictures where Bigg Boss ex contestant Veena Malik is chilling out with Atul Kapoor. Bigg Boss 6 winner Urvashi Dholakia with Atul Kapoor. This Indicate that colour channels throws a Party after the completion of Bigg Boss in the itself Bigg Boss house were contestant meet the Bigg Boss personally I mean Atul Kumar. 

Chances are there after this you would see Gautam Gulati Greeting the Bigg Boss or Atul Kapoor himself. Well we have seen that its the first time were all the #bigboss8 finalist are the winner Pritam got 25 lacks, Karishma got Upen Patel and GautamGulati the winner get his trophy. At Last my message to all of you is “Keep Calm and wait for the next season”

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