Thursday, 26 February 2015

Xclusive: Xiaomi teases "Matchbox" launching Something New, We Break out the Mystery for You

Xiaomi Innovation yet not over, they tease Over Weibo Social site “Something New is Coming up” this time they might launched Something for which you can just Sit & Relax . Xiaomi fans should mark the 2nd March as a date to remember in their diary as a new mystery product will be unveiled, but what on earth could it be? We might have its answer with 4K evidence with us.....

A teaser posted on Xiaomi’s Weibo simply shows us a picture of a matchbox and promises more information on the 2nd March, while a second image shows the matchbox open showing packed luggage and a snorkel mask, so what are Xiaomi planning to launch?

We know that these teaser do not reveal too much about what’s next device. But we guess that this might very well the long awaited Xiaomi Mi Pro Camera, or a similar Xiaomi Camera product ? No matter what, we’ll get in our hands the next Xiaomi device very small and perfectly suitable for us while traveling or swimming as well. Xiaomi says their new device as “small as a matchbox”.

"Win a mysterious new Rapid Responder: you always wanted to go there, where no one visited it? You want to change the angle, record beautiful moments? You have seen breathtaking beauty, want to share with a friend? You have to challenge the limits of courage? At 10:00 on March 2, New 'lightweight' (will be) announced," says the teaser message, as interpreted by Google Translate from Mandarin language.

Xiaomi is finally be ready to unveil their own action camera to rival the GoPro. Current GoPro camera are roughly the size of a matchbox and are very lightweight (once removed from their waterproof casing), and they are perfect for use while traveling or swimming too.

As we are always ahead for our readers today we break this Mystery and show what inside the Xiaomi MiPro, In technical specifications is where Xiaomi sports camera is going to beat GoPro. It will have a 128 ° angle lens, the ability to record video in 4K at 30fps and 120fps 1080. The recording medium will be Micro SD and suggests that memories endure up to 128gb.

Xiaomi will be released at a price of $ 160 approx, might subsidize it before launching in China or India. Well we will get to know it on march 2nd till then enjoy the 4k images from Xiaomi MiPro.

Sample 4K Images

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