Sunday, 8 March 2015

Xiaomi is Going to Launch Two MiPads along with the New One, might axed Redmi 2 launch on March 12th

When we thought that we broke out the Xiaomi Surprise on Redmi 2, Xiaomi might find it funny and released the New puzzle out of it hinting us to find more clues and we decided to Brain-o-fry this puzzle again and we were surprised to see that there were no clue hinting towards Redmi 2 but it was hinting towards new Mega Screen device from Xiaomi portfolio. Lets Find out….

While it was widely spread that the device hidden in the puzzle suggest Xiamoi RedMi 2 will be the device on sale as they keywords including Snapdragon, Expandable, Dual-Sim, Quick Charge all suggested it was Xiamoi RedMi 2 but more solutions have appeared on the Latest teaser puzzle with new keywords like Android, Lighter, Wifi, Movies, Ebooks, and most importantly Nvidia and Tegra leading the clue to the Xiaomi MiPad. 

If you thought that we have taken out all the Rabbits from the Xiaomi Hat then you are wrong, One more Surprise Xiaomi has in their Hat the “LTE” we find out this letter to be very strange as MiPad doesn’t support SIM and works on WiFi. Now we break out for you, It’s the New MiPad from Xiaomi that we have spotted in benchmarks featuring 9.2inch with 4G Support and also Snapdragon 410 with 8G Internal Storage.

The first product is Mi Pad with 7.9-inch display, which is powered by NVIDIA‘s Tegra K1 processor clocked at 2.2GHz per core and it coupled with ULP GeForce Kepler (192 cores). This tablet runs on Android operating system, which also has expandable storage upto 128 GB. The Movies, Books represents the bigger device, which also hinting at no smaller devices will be released on that date means no Redmi 2 or it can be as it support “Quick Charging and Dual Sim” the only two we managed to find even hint are also very less for Redmi 2

Check these images below of the puzzle and go participate yourself as well to bring the expected Xiaomi MiNote, RedMi 2 or Xiaomi MiPad.

Consider the keywords that left earlier, “Snapdragon”, “Quick Charge”, “LTE”, “HD”, “Lighter OS”, “Cortex” and “New”. We strongly believe that the keyword “New” is hinting about brand new product, which is not about already announced Mi Note or Redmi 2. Looking at their condition the might surprise us with Launching all three on March 12th but they might disappoint us by the pricing especially Mi Pad (7,9inch) the condition is not looking like they’ll put under 20K but is best place would be putting it in a place of Mi3 at 15k and MiPad will be available under 8K and about Redmi 2 we already announced it. Well we do not have to wait much for this and cat will be out of the bag soon. For More Information on it Join Xiaomi MiPad Facebook Group

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