Friday, 27 March 2015

Xiaomi launches New upgraded Version of Xiaomi Piston earphone to be priced at $16

After giving you the Exclusive News about Mi Note launch in India, we bring you another Story from Xiaomi it will be not wrong to say that this whole Month all belongs to Xiaomi Hovering leaks and the New launch adding on that Note Xiaomi Introduces New Xiaomi Piston earphone to the World.

Yesterday, Xiaomi posted on its headphones account the following images, with the titles: “Hearing uncomfortable?” Another text says: “Wearing uncomfortable headphones to listen to a song. Why so difficult? See you tomorrow”, all these clues are hints towards the introduction of the new Xiaomi piston headphones which came out true today.

Looking at New Piston it signifies the Design of Today; the company has managed to improve the aesthetics, quality of materials as well as sound quality on this new generation model. 

The Xiaomi Piston features an exclusive patented sound optimization technology with a new metal composite diaphragm. Moreover, the design has been tweaked to make it more ergonomic. The company states that it tested the design in over 100 users before finalizing it. You also get new silicone tips to fit the earphones comfortably in your ears.

Xiaomi has completely revised the design and has also used the best materials for the best comfort of these earphones “in ear” that enjoy the patented sound enhancement technology .The headset is also compatible with iPhone and Apple iPod. It is integrated with a microphone, call answer button and volume control.

The new Xiaomi Piston earphones boast of being the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Only the best designed products receive this honor, and hence, its good to the new Piston earphones comes with an exceptional design despite its cheap pricing. 

The best part of the new Xiaomi Piston 3 earphones is its price tag. The company has retained the same 99 Yuan (Rs 1000) price as its previous generations, making it a steal for buyers. So would you like to buy Xiaomi New Piston ?

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