Thursday, 19 March 2015

Xiaomi New MiTv 3 to be launched in two Different Models on March 24

Xiaomi is slowly turning into a company which never sleep or never Stop and always ready for the new challenges and bringing out the new innovation. On that note Xiaomi is ready to add one more product in their portfolio that is new Xiaomi MiTv 3

Yesterday, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi was going to unveil something exciting about its TV business today. As just as promised, the company took to Weibo to reveal some details about its upcoming Xiaomi TV 3 models.

While the company didn’t officially say that there will be two different sized models in the new generation lineup, the Xiaomi Mi TV page confirms this. On the dedicated page for the launch, Xiaomi asks its visitors which TV size do they like — big or small? And you have a like button below each option.

Naturally, we see that people prefer the large screen model. At the time of writing this article, large sized model had 143,309 likes while the smaller sized model had 26,060 likes. And this figure is only increasing every minute.

Xiaomi MiTV 3 will have two existing models in the series. Well we are breaking out the before the launch that one would most likely be of 55-inches while the other could be an improved version of the MiTV 2 measuring 49-inches. Naturally, since these models will likely replace the previous ones, expect at least 4K resolution on both the large and small screen TVs. Also, expect the overall configuration, appearance, and sound quality on these devices to be much better than previous generations. So That means that India will Keep on waiting for previous year MiTv 2 while Xiaomi in China will replace with the new one.

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The previous generation MiTV 2 was priced around $650, so the new models too could retail around this figure. Of course, the large screen 55-inch model may cost a bit more, but it will still be a lot cheaper than most other 4K TVs out there. 

Unfortunately, we still have to wait for five more days to get to see the new Xiaomi MiTV 3 devices. So, today was just a confirmation of the event for the TV launch. The actual product will be announced on March 24.

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