Friday, 20 March 2015

Xiaomi Redmi 1 is back on Overcart for Sale, Registration is Now Open

We have reported you about Previous Sale of Redmi 1s on Overcart. Now Redmi 1s is back again and registration is open on Overcart. The popularity of Redmi 1s  is never the less till now also after the launch of Newely Redmi 2, it won’t affect the Redmi 2 sale as there are limited No of units that will be available on sale.

In a first for the Indian handset market, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi sold refurbished and unboxed Red Mi 1S devices in a flash sale on 23 of Jan in partnership with Delhi-based that sells such devices from multiple brands
For those unaware, unboxed units are same as the normal new units, but were returned by the buyers after opening the box. Refurbished units on the other hand are those that have been returned owing to a fault, which are then repaired and re-sold by the vendor. The unboxed RedMi 1S smartphones were sold for Rs 4,999 and the refurbished ones were sold at Rs 4,599 on Overcart. RedMi 1S is originally priced at Rs 5,999 on Xiaomi’s online partner channel Flipkart.

Xiaomi handsets being sold under the pilot are reportedly the ones returned by buyers to Flipkart, the exclusive online retail partner of the brand in India. 

Overcart sells mobile phones, games and accessories that are unboxed - bought, box opened, but unused and returned to brands or online retailers - and, refurbished - restored to their original working condition by the manufacturer - through its online marketplace

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Warranty Cover – Overcart is giving you 14 Days Return Warranty and Six Month warranty from Xiaomi. So In case you find out some trouble with your Redmi1s you either Return it in 14 days or you can go with it in Xiaomi service centre for free of cost repairing within 6 month. 

So Instead of Flipkart it Just Overcart it. They have still not disclose the Flash Sale date of Redmi 1s but yes you can accept the Redmi 1s disappearing in second in these Flash Sale due to heavy numbers of buyers . So Registration for Redmi 1s sales has been started while you can connect with us on Redmi 2 Facebook page we will disclose the Redmi 1s Sale date on their. 

Register Yourself for the Flash Sale of Redmi 1s Here –  

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